Artificial Intelligence

Advances in AI are powering step change - leveraging proven and emerging technology to transform processes and customer journeys. Informed by customer discovery and service innovation on behalf of the customer, this approach will drive game-changing new business models.

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Machine Learning

Machine learning (ML) is reshaping the financial services industry like never before. The industry is deploying ML to drive digital customer experiences, streamline their processes, optimize portfolios, and decrease risk, and underwrite loans, among many other strategic uses.


Financial institutions recognize the opportunity in leveraging voice-enabled services to not only reduce friction in the client experience but also to realize cost rationalization opportunities.


Significant excitement around robotic process automation (RPA) has firms addressing strategic support toward adopting the technology. The benefits of this adoption are will be substantial and have created an environment where automation is headlining firms’ technology priorities.




Findings from Celent's AI in Action Survey

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Life Insurance

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