Dimensions: IT Pressures & Priorities

In today's rapidly evolving landscape, it has never been more crucial to maximize the value of your technology spending. With Celent's unique primary insights and data, you can validate your strategy and enhance your investment plans. Our research, based on a comprehensive survey of 1,000+ executives at financial institutions, offers granular insights into where your peers are focusing their technology investments. Discover the product areas that will experience the biggest changes and uncover the white space opportunities to exploit.

Dimensions: IT Pressures & Priorities Webinars; 2024 Edition

Curious to learn more about the current state of technology strategy and investment prioritization in the financial services industry? Join our Dimensions: IT Pressures & Priorities webinar series to delve into the drivers of technology planning in today's market and understand what this means for you within the competitive landscape in the coming year.

P&C Insurance

Recorded on May 7, 2024

Join us as we explore the state of technology budgets and investment plans in the P&C Insurance industry. Curious about how these budgets and plans vary globally and across regional markets? Interested in understanding how the Gen AI phenomenon is impacting insurers’ budgets and priorities? Join Nicolas Michellod and Andrew Schwartz to find out more as they delve into the driving forces behind the pressures and priorities of the P&C Insurance industry.

Life & Health Insurance

Recorded on May 8, 2024

Curious about the current state of the life insurance industry’s technology budgets, investment plans, and the goals and priorities that are driving both? Is Gen AI making an impact on the industry’s investment plans? Join our webinar to hear from Nicolas Michellod and Karen Monks as they break down what’s driving investment plans globally and by regional markets across the life insurance industry.

Retail Banking

Recorded on May 15, 2024

As the market challenges faced by banks and their customers in 2023 begin to subside, the innovation advantage continues to shift towards banks that can innovate at scale while effectively managing risk. What does this mean for the industry’s product investment priorities? How will budgets be affected in 2024? How do key topics such as open banking, digital identity, & Gen AI compare in importance for banks? Join us to learn what’s driving tech strategy in Retail Banking.

Corporate Banking

Recorded on May 16, 2024

The market conditions and risks that challenged banks and their corporate clients in 2023 appear to be subsiding. We found these conditions meant the innovation advantage was shifting towards banks that are agile and can innovate at scale while managing risk. So, has this shift resulted into a different set of strategic and product priorities for banks? Have they increased budgets to take advantage of this opportunity? Join our webinar to find out and learn what's driving today's technology strategy.

Wealth Management

Recorded on May 21, 2024

Artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and open data ecosystems are transforming how wealth management firms operate. How is this affecting technology strategies and budgets across the globe? And which emerging technologies are firms prioritizing? Celent surveyed 200+ executives to find out; join our webinar to learn more about this year’s findings and what it means for wealth management tech strategy in 2024 and beyond.


Recorded on May 22, 2024

Advancements in Risk management technology, particularly in AI, automation, and cloud computing have the potential to transform Risk operations by optimizing analytics, decision-making, and processes. Celent surveyed 200+ Risk executives globally to understand how technology strategies and budgets are evolving. Which Risk functions are prioritizing digital tools like AI, Generative AI and process automation? Join us as we examine how Risk priorities vary globally across regions, financial sectors like banking, capital markets, wealth management, and insurance, and institutions of different tier sizes.

Capital Markets

Recorded on May 29, 2024

Based on a survey of 200+ executives across capital market sell side and buy side firms, our webinar reveals the forces driving technology planning and their implications for the upcoming year. The 2023 survey revealed that both buy and sell side firms are increasing their IT spending, focusing on transformative change and cloud adoption. Are these trends set to continue? Or will the Gen AI phenomenon reshape investment strategies? Discover this and more in our 2024 edition.

Corporate Banking IT spending continues to grow – even accelerate in most regions – from 2023 through to 2025. To understand exactly what this means for the industry, Celent has completed its Dimensions Survey for 2025. The views of over 200 corporate banking industry executives highlight exactly which technologies, product investments and strategic priorities lead their agendas.

2024 will be a busy year for technology-enabled change in the retail banking industry. IT budgets have grown by an average of 4.4% compared on 2023 and, while the plans and budgets of individual banks can vary considerably, there are several common themes across the market. To shed light on the business pressures and technology priorities of the industry, Celent has completed its third global survey of senior executives at retail banks: The Celent Dimensions Survey 2024.

Wealth management IT spending is accelerating in 2024. Firms across the globe report mounting competitive threats, an increasing focus on speed and agility, and a growing need to modernize legacy technology. To shed light on the business pressures and technology priorities of the wealth management industry, Celent has completed its second annual global survey of senior wealth management executives: The Celent Dimensions Survey 2024.

IT budgets for risk management and compliance functions at financial institutions are expected to expand by 4.6% globally in 2024. The second annual Celent Dimensions Survey 2024—Risk & Compliance captures the insights and opinions of 267 senior Risk executives globally to provide an in-depth view into the drivers of IT spending across the industry, as well as the leading technology and investment priorities for the year ahead.

Corporate Banking IT spending continues to grow strongly as global economies shake off the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent economic and banking industry challenges. To understand exactly what this means for the industry, Celent has completed its Corporate Banking IT Strategy Survey.

To shed light on the strategic and product-level technology priorities of the industry, Celent has once again run its Technology Insight and Strategy Survey. In capturing the insights and opinions of 228 senior executives across the industry, we have a granular view on the leading technology priorities for the year ahead, as well as the products and processes that will see the greatest change.

To produce our research on Wealth Management IT Spending, we surveyed 215 executives across the globe on including all the major geographical regions: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa, Central and Latin America. Data collected from our global respondents provides the foundation for our trend and benchmarking insights.

With this annual report, Celent examines business priorities, IT budgets, and investments being made by North American Property & Casualty CIOs.

Driving Insights Through Data

Navigate the challenges facing the industry via our new, enhanced approach for tracking financial institution IT priorities and spend. This study incorporates insights from surveys of 1,000+ industry executives, supporting our IT Priorities & Strategy Reports as well as our IT Spending reports for Corporate Banking, Retail Banking, Wealth Management, Capital Markets, and Risk.

We apply Celent’s deep industry expertise to design detailed surveys which generate unique insights into the technology and product trends in the coming 18 months.

Use this research to:

- Benchmark your own budgets, plans, and investment priorities
- Understand which product areas will see the greatest change in your markets
- Identify emerging opportunities and potentially leapfrog the competition

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