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Why Cloud, Why Now?

Cloud in 2020 continues to evolve at breakneck speed while making a steady and significant impact on financial services. Institutions are increasingly relying on cloud services and the cloud ecosystem to fuel innovation and adapt to ever-changing business needs.


Innovation & Insight Day 2020

We’ve released over 50 videos discussing key themes that emerged during our Model Award nomination process and highlighting each of our Model Award winners.

Model Awards

Model Awards

Celebrating the effective use of technology in insurance, banking, wealth management and risk management in our annual program. This year's winners will be announced in Spring 2021.

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Upcoming Celent events

Celent's events include its flagship, annual Innovation & Insight Day, along with a selection of webinars and briefings led by our research analysts. These sessions offer expert opinions as our teams examine existing and future trends in functionality and technology in financial services.

Celent Webinar: 2030 Future Focus in Insurance Technology- The Must Do In the Next Decade!

In light of the new risks that are impacting the insurance industry, insurers need to anticipate and seize the opportunities to gain competitive…

Innovation & Insight Day 2021 | Digital Event

We're excited to announce our Digital I&I Day 2021 Event on February 25th 2021. Please stay tuned for more information about the event in the co…

Model Awards Program

Celebrating the effective use of technology in financial services

Our Model Awards highlight financial institution initiatives with the best use of technology in Banking, Insurance, Wealth Management, and now Risk & Compliance. The Awards are designed to answer the deceptively simple question:  

What would it look like for a firm to do everything right with today’s technology?

Celent news

TSE sets up committee on outage as Fujitsu continues investigation

The Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) has appointed four external board members to a committee to investigate last week's trading outage as its system…

Entrenched relationships may prove more valuable than tech for TS clients

Patricia Hines, head of corporate banking at Celent, reckons it will take Goldman some time to build out its offering to the point it could repl…

Wealth Enhancement Group Seeks to Compete With Top Aggregators Through Tech

Minneapolis-based aggregator Wealth Enhancement Group has made two key hires that will focus on digital efforts at the firm. While the firms's r…

Digital Insurance
Insurers accelerate deployment of digital collaboration, video, chatbots

It may not be much of a surprise to hear that insurers are investing more in technologies that facilitate remote processing and communication, b…

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