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We help insurers make faster and more informed technology investment decisions. Property & Casualty insurers are using technology in new ways to digitize a customer-centric experience, improve decisions, and react to real-time events.

We work with insurers to take a practical approach to innovation while thinking about the impact of data and digitization on core insurance processes and decisions. We help them innovate, assess their future ecosystem, navigate the technology landscape, and evaluate key emerging technologies for their business.


Our research focuses on the application of technology to the business of insurance.  You’ll find vendor profiles, benchmarking studies, and thought-provoking content on emerging technologies and business trends. 

Report Sample

Top Technology Priorities for P&C Insurers in 2021

With digital acceleration leading the way for many insurers, Celent outlines twenty technology trends for 2021 that we believe will help P&C insurers reset their course and weather whatever comes their way.

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Shaping the Insurance Industry's IT Agenda

An Overview from Celent’s I&I Week 2021

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Ready or Not, Here AI Comes! The AI Readiness Index

Some insurers are concerned that they may be behind the curve. Does this reflect reality, and are they right to be concerned?

Research Agenda

Property & Casualty Research Outlook

See what we have in store for 2021

Model Awards

Model Insurer Awards

Celent Model Insurer is awarded for best practices of technology usage in different areas critical to success in insurance. It is an annual program celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2021.


An Overview from Celent’s I&I Week 2021


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An Insurer's Perspective


2021 Spectrum Report: Powered by VendorMatch

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Use our industry trends reports to understand the landscape; our primers to help get up to speed on crucial solutions; our surveys and case studies to benchmark yourselves; and our vendor landscapes to help make technology decisions.

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