Insurance Innovation Insights

Innovation executives and teams have an increasing mandate to deliver results, but the insurance industry is rapidly evolving, there is more complexity, startups, technologies, and applications to stay on top of and prioritize.

Our innovation-related research and advisory help bring order and make sense of all this, while increasing the chances of success. It provides the basis for innovators to deliver results aligned with the company’s strategy.

Innovation Execution

Success in innovation is predicated on execution. We track key trends and best practices in innovation execution. We discuss the process of innovation, culture, and vehicles for innovation.​

We provide industry benchmarks and share best practices that help bridge the gap between expectations and outcomes.  

Enabling Technologies

Vanguard insurers are applying technology to realize a game-changing competitive advantage. We track the strongest use cases and best technology practices, enabling innovation. We also monitor how leading FIs leverage a range of technologies like AI, cloud, blockchain, microservices, APIs, and more to achieve digital innovation.

Emerging Insurance Models

What to innovate is mandated by an insurer's strategy and future vision. ​We explore key trends and best practices in areas such as product innovation, IT innovation, digital distribution, and new value propositions and operating models. In addition, we examine start-ups that are supporting insurance innovation.


New Developments in Technology and Functionality


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Experts Discuss Innovation

Celent Analysts, insurer executives, and distinguished guests from the insurance innovation community provide first-hand insights into the hot and necessary topics to make innovation happen. From innovation execution, to emerging insurance models and the technology that makes it possible; nothing is off limits.

Model Award trophies

Showcasing Award-Winning Innovation Initiatives

Through our annual Model Awards program, we identify best-in-class uses of technology by insurers worldwide. Each year, we write detailed case studies and produce short videos for each winning initiative.​

Insurtech Innovation Platform

We leverage the world's most comprehensive store of insurtech data together with analytical tools for our research. Through a partnership with SwitchPitch, we provide Celent-specific taxonomy, curate the insurtech startups, and make this data and tools available to you. It's the ideal platform to identify, qualify, track, collaborate, and partner with insurtech start-ups.

How we can help you

Use our industry trends reports to understand the landscape; our primers to help get up to speed on crucial solutions; our surveys and case studies to benchmark yourselves; and our startup research and data to help make technology and partnership decisions.

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Juan is a director at Celent and head of the insurance practice for EMEA, APAC, and LATAM. He is responsible for global research and advice to C…

Craig brings extensive experience in the use of enterprise architecture and applications architecture practices in the insurance industry, worki…

Max is the Insurance Technology Research Advisor for APAC and Senior Analyst within Celent’s insurance practice and is based in Singapore. Max’s…

Nathan Golia is a senior analyst in Celent's North American property and casualty insurance practice. Before joining Celent, Nate worked as a tr…

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