Cloud continues to evolve at breakneck speed while making a steady and significant impact on financial services. Celent strives to cut through the noise with a series of insights which will empower business leaders start their cloud migration today.

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Cloud computing within the financial services field is accelerating. Institutions are evaluating methods of handling compliance, ecosystem, risk, and security issues in an effort to determine where and how to deploy cloud computing to meet business needs. Celent is here for you with personalized advice, in the form of our extensive deep research, expert analysts and proficient tools to navigate the market.


In their own words: Cloud Providers discuss their Financial Services Offerings

Financial Institutions no longer ask, “Should I go to the Cloud?” Instead, they’re asking, “How do I go the Cloud?” As cloud providers began to verticalize their offerings, Celent realized that there’s an opportunity for a new way for FIs to learn about what’s out there: hear directly from participants in the cloud ecosystem.

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Supporting Financial Services Innovation on the Public Cloud

Risk Management and Compliance Edition

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The State of the Nations for Payments Modernization: The New Normal is Constant Change

In mid 2021, Celent undertook a large, global survey of banks to create a worldwide State of the Nation for payments modernization for non-card…

Cloud Kings in Financial Services | An Insider's View

In this series, Celent interviews a diverse set of service providers, ranging from hosting services and infrastructure provides to platforms and consultants. These interviews let financial institutions get a sense of how a company thinks and what it offers today; these perspectives can then inform the institution’s cloud strategy.


Aser Blanco, Managing Director, Financial Services Solutions, Americas


Keith Pearson, Global Head of Financial Services GTM


Harpreet Arora, VP & Global Managing Partner, BFSI Consulting

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Risk Management and Compliance Edition

Webinars | Videos

Recorded on November 10th, 2021 The insurance industry continues to rapidly evolve with the advent of new technologies, changing business models…

Webinars | Videos

Recorded on November 9th, 2021 The insurance industry continues to change rapidly to respond to new technologies, changing business models, the…

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The Future of Cloud in Financial Services

Financial institutions struggle to kick-start their public cloud journey. With a landscape more complex than ever, initial perceptions around risk, deployment, technology, and security persist in the minds of organizations. We cut through the noise with a series of webinars that will help business leaders start their cloud migration.

Model Award Case Studies

We identify best-in-class uses of technology through our annual Model Awards program. Explore a series of winning cloud initiatives from major financial institutions from across the globe. We created case studies and short videos covering each of these wins.

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