Technology Trends Previsory

What’s a previsory? The word is a combination of pre-view and ad-visory, a view of financial services technology trends that our clients should have on their radar. We’ve sifted through the noise and the hype to help you identify and prioritize the trends to watch. We’re looking forward intentionally to help you develop a perspective and potential technology plan. We hope that this series of previsory webinars and reports expands your horizons and sparks new ideas.

On-Demand Webinars, 2023 Edition

Executing in an Uncertain Environment

Innovating the Insurance Value Chain

Conditions Across Capital Markets Are All Change, Technology Priorities Are Not

Insurers Continue to Deal With Challenging Times

Deepening Relationships to Weather Macro-Economic Stress

Moving Toward Connectivity and Convergence

Delivering for Customers in Time of Need

Innovation Levers for Emerging Risks

Reports, 2023 Edition

It is now arguably more important than it has been in years for insurance carriers to position themselves to succeed in the face of uncertainty. One of the primary ways for carriers to grow profitability, increase operational efficiency and achieve a competitive edge is through the appropriate application of technologies, both emerging and mature. In this webinar, we’ll highlight some of today’s most impactful technologies and offer a timely playbook that will help insurers fortify their organization against any obstacles that may arise.

Insurers are readying themselves for emerging challenges from rising inflation and interest rates, the looming threats of recession, supply chain disruption, climate change, geopolitical upheaval, shortage of talents, and competition from InsurTechs. Our Life Insurance previsory will examine transformation levers, including customer experience, increasing importance of data and data analytics, process optimization through automation, innovation, and the insuretech ecosystem.

Welcome to our 2023 Previsory report series, this is the Capital Markets 2023 Sell Side edition. Capital markets is a large but highly interconnected network so success is described as a “network play”.

Profound shifts continue to alter the investment industry’s economics. Buy side firms that adopt an active approach to managing portfolios are faced with immediate business challenges that are born from the waves of regulatory interventions, fee compression trends, and broader capital demands. These effects are compounded in a time of market turbulence, with haphazard geopolitical postures, and fragile macroeconomic conditions likely to provoke futher regulatory reactions at shorter notices in the coming year.

Our Research

Our research is built on a foundation of deep industry experience, a web of contacts, our VendorMatch database and an unwavering commitment to objectivity and exceptional client service.

Technology Trends

Through our previsories, we’re intentionally looking forward to help you develop a perspective and potential technology plan; if you’re interested in what others have told us they’re implementing today, we’ve got plenty of other reports that do that.

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