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We help Corporate Banking business and technology leaders to make faster and more informed technology and investment decisions as they face an accelerating pace of change. Our research helps clients to innovate new client-facing propositions, adopt disruptive technologies, and leverage technology to get efficient.

We have deep expertise in key areas of corporate banking being reshaped by technology: from corporate digital platforms to client onboarding and front-office servicing, from the changing face of payments to new cloud-native platforms; and from digitally transformed legacy systems to innovations driven by emerging technologies.


Our research, free to subscribers, focuses on the application of technology to corporate banking across cash management, trade and supply chain finance, commercial lending, and corporate payments.

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Cloud Migration in Banking: Getting it Right!

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The Migration Path to Next-Generation KYC-CDD

Financial institutions and other organizations are seeking new technologies to support modern KYC-CDD paradigms.

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Model Awards

Model Bank Awards

Celent Model Bank is awarded for best practices of technology usage in different areas critical to success in banking. It is an annual program celebrating its 14th anniversary in 2021.

In Conversation with Miladys Felix, Discover® Global Network

A Podcast on Innovating in Payments via Prepaid

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Cloud Web Series: Cloud Migration in Banking: Getting it Right!

The path to cloud has many routes, with some starting slowly, while others enact sweeping cloud migration strategies across the entire applicati…

Keeping a Grip on Employee Conduct and Conflicts of Interest

Employee conduct is critical for financial institutions due to the reputational and regulatory risks. It is a complex, enterprise-wide area invo…

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