Life Insurance

Celent addresses key technology strategy issues for life, pension, annuity, and health insurers.

We break digital down to better understand its impact on life and health care insurance processes and decisions, including customer interactions, product design, underwriting, and claims.


How can AI impact the health and life business? What does it take to tackle the core insurance system challenge and leverage cloud, APIs, microservices, and DevOps? What have other life and health insurers achieved with these technologies?

We identify key technology trends and help our clients figure out how various technologies can create a positive impact  on their business.

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Life Insurance: Technology Trends Previsory 2024

There is no better time for life and annuity insurers to increase their digital footprint than periods of unease. From the economy, to interest rates, to the pandemic, the industry has struggled in recent years. Now is the time to invest in the future and it is happening. New technologies such as generative AI complement improved digital experiences for agents and consumers. The cloud has moved from an outlier to table stakes. The new look is a dynamic, future thinking industry.​

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Parametric insurance is a groundbreaking risk management tool designed to revolutionise the insurance industry by offering efficient, rapid payo…

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Life Research Outlook

See what we have in store for 2023

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Celent Tech Horizons

Empower your decision-making with critical references for choosing a robust and adaptable core insurance system. In this webinar series, we'll untangle the complex landscape of vendors and where they play globally, providing insights into the major trends and differences across systems and their recent evolution.


Parametric insurance is a groundbreaking risk management tool designed to revolutionise the insurance industry by offering efficient, rapid payo…


How can insurers quickly and efficiently innovate to undertake a new business initiative or fill process gaps?


Available Only for Members of the NA Celent Insurance Executive Panel


What is a life policy administration system? What life insurers use them for? What do they think of their components, features and functions? Do…

Insurance Innovation Insights

Innovation executives and teams have an increasing mandate to deliver results, but the insurance industry is rapidly evolving, there is more complexity, startups, technologies, and applications to stay on top of and prioritize.

Our innovation-related research and advisory help bring order and make sense of all this, while increasing the chances of success. It provides the basis for innovators to deliver results aligned with the company’s strategy.

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