Life Insurance

Celent addresses key technology strategy issues for life, pension, annuity, and health insurers.

We break digital down to better understand its impact on life and health care insurance processes and decisions, including customer interactions, product design, underwriting, and claims.


How can AI impact the health and life business? What does it take to tackle the core insurance system challenge and leverage cloud, APIs, microservices, and DevOps? What have other life and health insurers achieved with these technologies?

We identify key technology trends and help our clients figure out how various technologies can create a positive impact  on their business.


Innovation & Insight Day 2023

March 29: Financial Institutions face a host of common challenges. Join us as we announce our Model Insurer winners who have used technology to tackle those challenges head-on and deliver impressive results. Our experts will also share key insights during our industry-specific overviews.

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How SaaSy Are You?: Fact Checking the Ambiguity of SaaS Dimensions

SaaS or Software-as-a-Service is a way of delivering software over the Internet in a rapid, self-service way. An insurer accesses the software v…

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Technology Trends Previsory: Life and Annuity Insurance, 2023 Edition

The insurance industry continues to change rapidly to respond to changes in the business model, technology changes, and innovation. In this prev…

Research Agenda

Life Research Outlook

See what we have in store for 2023


Cloud Kings in Insurance

In this series, Celent interviews a diverse set of insurers. We want to give a sense of what insurers have been doing around the cloud technology, what lessons they have learned, and how it has changed their internal organization and the way they are conducting their business.


SaaS or Software-as-a-Service is a way of delivering software over the Internet in a rapid, self-service way. An insurer accesses the software v…


Robotic process automation has a strong foothold in all industries globally, and its application in the insurance industry is forecasted to cont…


Over the last couple of years, cloud adoption has improved significantly in the insurance sector. Many insurers have either started moving their…

Insurance Innovation Insights

Innovation executives and teams have an increasing mandate to deliver results, but the insurance industry is rapidly evolving, there is more complexity, startups, technologies, and applications to stay on top of and prioritize.

Our innovation-related research and advisory help bring order and make sense of all this, while increasing the chances of success. It provides the basis for innovators to deliver results aligned with the company’s strategy.

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Jamie leads the Celent team globally across banking, insurance, wealth management and capital markets technology, and is a Partner within Oliver…

Tom leads health research across the Americas, in addition to supporting life insurance clients. His research focuses on operational best practi…

Nicolas' research concentrates on continental European insurance markets with a specific focus on continental Europe and insurance systems inclu…

Max is the Insurance Technology Research Advisor for APAC within Celent’s insurance practice and is based in Singapore. Max’s research concentra…

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