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Life & Health Insurance

Reports | Mar 4th 2021 | Dan McCoach, Karen Monks

Snap Poll: LHA Accelerated Underwriting

Reports | Mar 4th 2021 | Juan Mazzini

UNIT: Building a Full Stack Insurtech

Blogs | Mar 1st 2021 | Dan McCoach

Walmart Entering Fintech

Reports | Feb 22nd 2021 | Karen Monks

The Slow Automation of Life Insurance New Business

Blogs | Feb 15th 2021 | Nicolas Michellod

What Does the Future Hold for Insurers?

Blogs | Feb 14th 2021 | Eiichiro Yanagawa

2021 Business and IT Priorities

Blogs | Feb 12th 2021 | Dan McCoach

Lemonade and Bestow Digitally Link Up to Sell Term Life Insurance

Reports | Feb 12th 2021 | Keith Raymond

The Pandemic Effect on Sales and Distribution in Life Insurance

Blogs | Feb 9th 2021 | Dan McCoach

Welcome to Dan McCoach

Reports | Feb 7th 2021 | Nicolas Michellod, Karen Monks

Insurers Fight Against Cyber Threats: Preparing for a Long-lasting War

Reports | Feb 7th 2021 | Max Ang

Insurance in Asia-Pacific: 2021 Business and IT Priorities

Blogs | Feb 6th 2021 | Eiichiro Yanagawa

Becoming a Tech Leader in the New Normal

Blogs | Feb 4th 2021 | Karlyn Carnahan

Technology Implications for a Hardening Market

Reports | Jan 31st 2021 | Nicolas Michellod

2021 Business and IT Priorities in EMEA: Life & Health Edition

Blogs | Jan 28th 2021 | Juan Mazzini

Previewing Celent Model Insurer 2021 Awards

Reports | Jan 28th 2021 | Karen Monks, Max Ang, Juan Mazzini, Keith Raymond

Top Technology Priorities For Life Insurers in 2021

Blogs | Jan 26th 2021 | Karen Monks

North American life insurance CIOs concentrating on digital acceleration and growth in 2021

Reports | Jan 20th 2021 | Marty Ellingsworth

The Rise of "Product-ism" and the Fall of "Project-ism"

Reports | Jan 19th 2021 | Karen Monks, Keith Raymond

Life Insurance CIO Pressures and Priorities 2021: North American Edition

Blogs | Jan 14th 2021 | Max Ang

At the Heart of Design - Adopting Machine Learning with a Data-focus Design

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