Celent provides financial institutions with unbiased and independent advice. Our expert analysts extensively research financial technology and give you tools to quickly navigate the market.

Our research is built on a foundation of deep industry experience, a web of contacts, our VendorMatch database and an unwavering commitment to objectivity and exceptional client service.

Our Research

Analyst Research

Research Reports & Insights

Access world-class analysis of financial technology via reports, blogs, webinars, polls, and videos. Survey today's strategic landscape with briefings and breakdowns of the technology solutions most relevant to you today.

Digital Tools

Search and Evaluation Tools

VendorMatch provides a parameter-based search directory for financial institutions to quickly and comprehensively conduct the evaluation phase of their solution research. It includes access to pre-populated RFI reports, complete with comparison grids.


We offer unbiased insight into the latest industry solutions and trends. Analysts with decades of financial services experience synthesize our work to provide decision-makers fact-based conclusions about key technologies.


Our clients include financial institutions, vendors, private equity, and consulting firms. Our solution assessments use the same standards to assess all participants; a firm or vendor's client status having no bearing on our judgments.

Unique Source Data

We maintain a vast network of industry contacts to develop qualitative and quantitative information through VendorMatch RFIs, surveys, and interviews. We supplement that with public data, and scrupulously reference our sources.

Our Insights

Solution Reports and xCelent Awards

We identify critical solutions, then canvass the technology companies providing them. The resulting reports catalog an exhaustive list of attributes and provide an invaluable guide to those investing in new technologies. Flagship reports recognize excellence through our xCelent awards.

Industry Trends

The financial technology ecosystem is changing rapidly. We look for the key points of leverage and describe what financial firms should look for and how they might respond.


Vendor Solution Directory

VendorMatch is a directory of vendor solutions, products, events, and news. Vendors update their own profiles and provide us with their latest information which we use to inform our own research.

Model Award trophies

Model Awards

We have been recognizing excellence in financial institutions’ use of technology for over 15 years. We invite submissions from around the globe, select the best, and focus on creating case studies highlighting these real-world examples of in-production individual technology initiatives.

How we help Financial Institutions

Celent helps you make faster and more informed technology investment decisions. We navigate the maze of technology options for you to provide tailored, independent, and timely advice you can trust.

Speak to our Analysts

While our deliverables are robust on a stand-alone basis, many clients find that speaking to an analyst can prove invaluable. Whether to explore the individual implications of a particular report or to pick our brain on a bit of breaking news, we provide clients with an extra layer of customization.

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