Celent Model Awards Program


Celent Model Awards Program

Every year, Celent recognizes excellence in technology throughout the insurance and banking sectors through our Model Insurer Awards and Model Bank Awards. This year we will also recognize excellence within the wealth management and asset management sectors as we introduce the Model Wealth Manager and Model Asset Manager Awards.

The awards are designed to answer the deceptively simple question: What would it look like for a firm to do everything right with today’s technology? and recognize a financial institution’s effective use of technology in specific areas. Each component helps the firm to improve performance and meet market demands. In general, they represent the way things should be done.

Of course, no firm is a “Model” firm across the board. Therefore, we focus on specific real world examples of individual technology initiatives. Case studies for the winning initiatives will be presented through our annual reports detailing how and what they did to succeed.

The nomination process will run from early October through 15th December. Winners will be announced in Spring 2018.

For information on participating in any of the four award programs, simply click on the appropriate logo below or contact us at info@celent.com.

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