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Glia delivers seamless multi-channel Digital Customer Service for the worlds leading banks, insurance carriers and credit unions.

The Glia platform provides AI Management Bots (banking & CU's), Chat, SMS Messaging, Live Observation, CoBrowsing, Digital Voice, Video, Screen-sharing & customer surveys.

Simple integration via a line of JavaScript on you websites, portals (online banking, customer, agent/producer) or mobile applications.

Why Digital Customer Service?

  • Turnkey AI Management solution for Banking & Credit Unions
  • Serve Customers When, Where and How They Need it.
  • Retain Customers - Companies with strong digital-first capabilities have an 89% customer retention rate - Aberdeen
  • Up to 4X increased application submissions with increased upsell & cross-sell.
  • Show...Don't Tell - Reclaim 60% of would-be drop-offs and deflections.
  • Promote Loyalty - Reduce customer effort for 20% improvement in Customer Satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores.
  • Boost Efficiency - On-screen guidance can reduce average handle times by 18% or more.
  • Increase brand loyalty from resellers like your external agency channel.
  • Integrations to popular CRM solutions, Online Banking providers, AI Engines and more.

Key Features

  • Turnkey AI Management solution for Banks & Credit Unions
  • Sucure Messaging
  • Chat with integration to any Conversational AI Bot engine - Amazon Lex, Goofgle DialogFlow, IBM Watson, Microsoft, custom engines...
  • SMS/Text messaging
  • Live Observation and real time CoBrowsing
  • Digital Voice
  • Video
  • Telephony (call center phone system replacement)
  • Screen Sharing
  • Customer Surveys
  • Telephony integration - Genesys, Avaya, Cisco etc...
  • Available for websites, secure portals, mobile applications

Key Benefits

  • Increased Call Center efficiency - reduce average call handle time by 18% or more
  • Increased Sales - up to 4X current online application conversion rates
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT) by 20%
  • Improve Net Promoter Scores (NPS) by 20%
  • Reduce site and queue abandonment 10%-30%
  • Improved reseller brand loyalty (Insurance Agents, Brokers)


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