Top Technology Trends in Retail Banking for 2010

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27 January 2010
Bob Meara


A global banking trend survey from Celent finds a triumvirate of technology priorities in 2010: risk management, cost reduction, and improving channel delivery.

The practice of banking has become fundamentally more difficult as a result of the global financial crisis of 2009. In last year’s report, Top Banking Trends for 2009: North America, Europe, and Asia, February 2009, Celent asserted that risk was the common prevailing theme observed across all geographies. One year later, Celent sees a triumvirate of global priorities: managing risk, reducing costs, and improving multichannel delivery. Virtually all of the individual trends cited across geographies support one of more of these objectives.

In this report, Top Technology Trends in Retail Banking for 2010: North America, Europe, and Asia, Celent provides a global survey of what is foremost in the minds of bankers, regulators, and vendors.

Every year Celent gathers its analysts from across the globe to synthesize the top trends in banking for the major geographies across the globe: spanning North America, Europe, and Asia. This report synthesizes what the most important trends are in each geography as gleaned from bankers and vendors, clients and nonclients, and regulators and central bankers.

"There is a great diversity of trends across the globe," says Bob Meara, Senior Analyst with Celent's Banking group and author of the report. "Risk, cost reduction, and multichannel delivery efficiency appear to be consistent filters applied to all prospective projects over the last year."

This report examines trends both globally and in specific geographies, from anti-money laundering to trade finance.

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