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Buyer manual

Start a search for a solution

  • From Menu bar, select "Digital Services"
  • From the sub menu, select “VendorMatch”
  • Select a category box (Note items may be listed in the industry area OR the operational category boxes, experiment! You can use the search bar to learn where items appear in the data structure)
  • Select high-level requirements criteria from systems type page.
  • Select "show results" from the box at the bottom of the page to proceed to the results view

Understanding the results list

  • Apply detailed filters e.g supported locations, required features, asset class coverage, deployment options etc.
  • (Results are dynamically scored and re-ranked according to suitability. The search algorithm weighs critical information to evaluate fit. Our algorithm even seeks the optimal fit with the least surplus functionality to prioritise best-of-breed solutions)
  • Note Vendors cannot buy their way up the list
  • Compatibility index indicates coverage of critical requirements specified in the filters
  • Select "Saved Searches" link and click "star" to orange to save your current search. (You can manage saved searches from the dashboard)
  • If you identify vendors who aren’t listed please encourage them so that their results can be incorporated into your query results

Creating Projects

  • Creating projects enables you to build and maintain a group of solutions in a project
  • Click add to project and either add the chosen solution to an existing project or create a new one.
  • Click on projects when you want to see the project.

Using Projects

  • Click on projects when you want to see my project.

Making use of vendor profiles

  • On the results page, select a company or solution name link
  • Navigate around vendor profile pages using the available links
  • View multiple products from same company
  • Read overviews, features, and benefits
  • Review provided summary of high-level RFI responses
  • Send a message or request a call back using Links provided
  • Visit website pages and follow vendors on social media

Running summary reports

  • Feature is restricted to subscribers at approved institutions
  • Go to the chosen solutions profile page for summary reports
  • Select the summary report button

Speak with an Analyst

  • This feature is restricted to subscribers at approved institutions. "Speak with an Analyst" is offered where our analysts can provide additional insight into an area of interest. To take advantage of this feature:
  • Click the "Speak with an Analyst" button
  • Enter any message
  • The message will be routed through to one of our experts who will respond