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The financial services industry is undergoing a sea change. A prolonged period of low interest rates, investment volatility, shifting patterns of distribution, and changing global demographics are all applying a downward pressure on earnings. When you couple that with a bewildering array of new technologies, data, and data sources it is hard to know who and what to trust.

We cut through the noise. We provide clarity as we analyze technology-led innovations from across the world and assess their relevance to you. A subscription to our Research, Advisory, and Digital Services gives you access to our world class research.

Below is a summary of our available subscriptions. For information on how to subscribe, please contact a member of our sales team.

Research and Advisory

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Registered User
  • Access our blogs and read our reflections on the latest news, trends, and happenings within the industry.
  • Review abstracts for our research reports.
  • Sign up for our newsletters and stay apprised of the latest happenings at Celent.
  • Register for our daily, weekly, or monthly alerts and be among the first to hear the latest information on Celent Insights.
  • Customize your preferences.
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Become a Client by subscribing to one of our Research Services

Research Content Only Subscription

Registered User features plus…

  • Access to our latest research on the issues at the forefront of the industry.
  • Access to our research archive which contains thousands of reports.
  • Access to our regional content on vendor solutions, and local market trends through our network of analysts situated in many of the world’s leading financial centers.
Research + Advisory Subscription

Research Content features plus…

  • Access to our in-person and online events. Improve your understanding and broaden your network.
  • Unlimited access to our analysts. Increase your understanding of certain topics. Typical engagements include, but are not limited to, deep topic dives, one-on-one strategy sessions, consulting our analysts for reality checks and using our analysts as a sounding board.
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Supplement your research subscription with a subscription to our Digital Services:

Digital services

VendorMatch (for Financial Institutions)

Registered User (No fee)

Open to all registered users on

  • Search solutions based on system type.
  • View participating vendor profiles pages.
VendorMatch Premium (Subscription fee)

Registered User features plus…

  • Advanced search capabilities.
  • Direct collaboration with participating vendors.
  • Project management space.
  • Ability to compare and contrast solutions in a comparison grid.
VendorMatch Premium + RFX (Subscription fee)

Premium features plus…

  • Access to our library of completed RFIs.
  • Access to Celent analysts for certain systems.

VendorMatch (for Vendors)

Basic User (No fee)

Open to all registered users on

  • Company profile listing.
  • Product profile listing.
PRO1 (Subscription fee)

Basic User features plus…

  • Enhanced company and product profiles.
  • Live links activated in your profiles.
  • News and events listings.
  • Analytic data on impressions/ views/ downloads.
PRO2 (Subscription fee)

PRO1 features plus…

  • Demographic data.
PRO3 (Subscription fee)

PRO2 features plus…

  • Individual demographics.
  • Market intelligence.
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For information on how to subscribe to our Research, Advisory, and Digital Services, please contact a member of our sales team.

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