Our approach

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Our approach

Statement of independence

Celent is a research, advisory, and consulting firm that provides technology and business strategy advice to the global financial services industry. We offer unbiased insight into the latest trends, the competitive landscape, and the existing market structure. Our research is conducted by in-house analysts with extensive experience in the industry.

Our clients include financial institutions, vendors, and consulting firms. Occasionally, we evaluate these vendors as part of our research, along with providers with whom we do not have a relationship. We evaluate all vendors using the same criteria, regardless of our relationship status.

Vendors and financial institutions profiled in our reports are given the opportunity to correct factual errors prior to publication, but cannot influence our analysis or opinions of their products, solutions, or strategies. Firms may not purchase or influence positive exposure.

Who is included in a Celent ABCD vendor view?

We seek to include vendors that have a large presence or new technology being used in the market. We do not give preference to our clients and will never request compensation for inclusion in an ABCD Vendor View.

Our method

The findings and analyses in our research reflect our analysts’ considered opinions and research of market trends, sizes, and participants. We use the approach detailed below.

When citing third party data or opinions, we provide source information. When citing formal survey results, we provide as much information as possible about survey methodology and participants, within the limits of confidentiality. All other material appearing in our research is created by the analyst and is derived from the sources listed above and our experience. Figures and charts based on this analysis are labeled with the source “Celent analysis.”