Featured Analyst: Craig Focardi

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28 September 2018
Craig Focardi

Craig Focardi started his career as an economist analyst, but a management training program and transfer from finance to product marketing led to his career in business strategy-led technology advisory 18 years ago. In between then, Craig spent many years in the mortgage banking/technology world. When he's not busy writing and advising clients on digital lending, analytics, and core banking IT issues, you'll find Craig spending time with family and pets, taking a technology break on the golf course, or attending the ballet with his wife.

Where are you from originally / Where did you grow up?

Greenlawn (Long Island), New York (USA). Greenlawn was a typical postwar suburban “Levittown” neighborhood on Long Island. I moved to San Francisco in 1981. I currently live in Novato, California, which is halfway between San Francisco and the Napa Valley wine country.

What is your favorite city/place you’ve traveled?

Besides San Francisco, I’d have to say Florence Italy, because of its history, and because my grandfather was born in a suburb of Florence in 1884 before emigrating to the United States in 1909.

Any Pets?

I have two dogs: a miniature schnauzer and a Doberman that my wife rescued. The 65 pound Doberman of course is very calm, kind and sweet; and the 15 pound miniature schnauzer is a terror.

Also my daughter has a tuxedo cat named Serenity, who coexists nicely with the dogs, and, quite frankly, acts more like a dog than a cat. The cat seeks attention, will cuddle with you, and hop on your lap while you’re reading. So I’d say she’s the best dog we have. :- )

Favorite Hobby?

Well, I guess golf fits this question best, and I love getting outside and away from technology, and golf lets you do that. All you can do is focus on that. It doesn’t mean you’ll always do it well, but it lets me let go of everything else for a while and leaves me refreshed. But before I started playing golf 10 years ago, and still, I love to read about history, language and culture as a hobby. For example, I recently returned from Hamburg, Germany where I attended my cousin’s wedding, went to a couple of museums, and got to practice my 8th-grade level German on the natives that are all fluent in English.

Last but not least, my wife and I love the Ballet and go regularly.

Favorite Band / Music / Song ?

I grew up on what is now called classic rock and roll, and if I had to pick one band I’d say Eric Clapton and the bands he played in (John Mayall and the Blues Breakers, Derek and the Dominoes, Blind Faith). Although I do have a favorite Eric Clapton song, for a favorite song I’ll go with Taxi by Harry Chapin for reasons Ionly my high school buddies know. However, listen to the lyrics and call me if you’d like to chat. Harry grew up near me in Huntington township, New York, of which Greenlawn is a part, and I saw him live in concert. He was the local hero (Billy Joel came along shortly thereafter and is better known).

Favorite Food Dish

Risotto in all its forms with all the spices and vegetables it can include.

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