The thundering pace of insurance software acquisitions continues as Guidewire acquires Millbrook

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14 May 2013
Donald Light
Several aspects of this deal stand out. It is the first acquisition by Guidewire, which until now has been a “we build it, we sell it shop.” It augments Guidewire’s capabilities in the hottest part of the technology landscape: Business Intelligence/Analytics. And it reinforces Guidewire’s strategy to capture the community and network effect benefits of its large customer base. Of course Guidewire will not be alone in offering BI/Analytics to its core systems customers. Nearly every major property/casualty software provider offers its own BI/Analytics functionality and/or partners with third-party providers. Cover-All’s 2010 acquisition of Moore Stephens Business Solutions is also an interesting precedent. Here are three questions to watch: Will Millbrook give Guidewire a competitive edge in vendor selections? Will other core systems vendors begin eyeing the remaining BI/Analytics firms? And what kinds of insurers will want to one-stop shop for core systems and BI/Analytics?

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