Celent Banking Webinar: The US Open: Account Opening Experiences at Top US Banks

10 - 13 January 2013
Virtual Event, Virtual Event


Register at http://accountopening.eventbrite.com

Celent opened accounts at each of the top banks in the US in order to rate various banking channels, including the branch experience. Join Bart Narter, Senior Vice President of Celent’s Banking Group, as he ranks both the branch experience and post-account opening experience at each of the top US banks, examining how branch experiences can vary. Learn about Celent’s views on what a branch experience should be. This webinar explores best-of-breed experiences across banks, providing key takeaways about the best of what an account opening experience can be.

This presentation draws on findings from the report “The US Open: Account Opening Experiences at Top US Banks” (http://celent.com/reports/us-open-account-opening-experiences-top-us-banks).

This event is free to attend for Celent clients, flex-plan clients, and the media. Non-clients can attend for a fee of US$250. If you are unsure of your client status, please contact Steve Nawrocki at +1.617.262.3128 or snawrocki@celent.com.

Register at http://accountopening.eventbrite.com

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