Celent CIO Roundtable

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22 March 2013
Whiteley, United Kingdom


At this inaugural event, we will focus on two main topics:

How will technology in the workplace evolve for competitive advantage?

Customer expectations of how they want to engage and interact with technology are changing fast. Increasingly, they want an efficient relationship where relevant information is delivered quickly, at their convenience, and presented in a way that enables them to easily make sense of the information. However, as employers, do we also need to consider the expectations of our internal employees and supply-chain partners in the same manner? What is the future of technology in the workplace? What are the major trends and how do they impact personal productivity (such as ‘Bring Your Own Device’, tablet computing, cloud-based applications and infrastructure, etc)? What are the main challenges and how should we prepare? During this discussion, we will explore the hype versus reality of some of these technologies in the workplace, and also explore both the opportunities and practical challenges associated with implementing them.

How to leverage your supplier in driving innovation?

Increasingly, we rely on external partners to manage critical parts of our business, whether business process or technology. Many of these partners have the potential to support the innovation process with ideas and innovations of their own, and in addition potentially sharing other industry experiences. How do you tap into this experience and knowledge for your advantage, without exciting their sales teams? How can you get partners to work together on innovation related topics for you? We will examine what has worked well / not so well when engaging suppliers in the innovation process in the past and explore ways this can be improved upon in the future.

Registration for this event is available by invitation only. Please contact Chris Williams at +44 (0)208 870 7875 or cwilliams@celent.com for more information.

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