D3 Banking Webinar: What Is A Digital Financial Institution?

6 March 2015
Virtual Event, Virtual Event

What does digital mean for financial institutions? The answer to that question has evolved rapidly as consumers adopt more and more digital devices through which they want to access a growing set of financial services.

In a recent report co-authored by Dan Latimore, SVP of Celent’s Banking Practice, the following elements were identified as the cornerstones for any financial institutions offering digital banking:

  • Personalized but consistent FI brand experience for customers;
  • Access across all channels and points of interaction;
  • Data analytics and automation;
  • Demonstrable and sustainable economic value;
  • Sustainable, flexible operating model.

On March 6, 2015 at 11 AM EST, Dan will lead a webinar during which he will share the findings and recommendations from “Defining A Digital Financial Institution - What ‘Digital’ Means In Banking.” Attendees will receive an executive summary of the report.

Mike Carter, CMO of D3 Banking, will join Dan for this webinar. Mike will describe the four models typically used by financial institutions for implementing the elements of a digital bank as defined by Celent.

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