Rowboat Advisors, Inc.

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We are a software company with two main products:

  • Core Investing Engine: find the best possible portfolio given a client's holdings, target, and preferences / constraints.
  • Backtester: for a specific client (tax brackets, target portfolio, ESG preferences, etc.), what would their portfolio look like over time?

Typical usages include:

  • Direct indexing (DI) with tax-loss harvesting (TLH) (Quorus, ALLINDEX) and ESG (Qraft)
  • Advisor-facing trading/rebalancing (Riskalyze)
  • General portfolio optimization (SIMON Markets, acquired by iCapital)
  • Robo-advisor core

Our strengths:

  • Speed: sub-second, even for a 1,000-stock DI portfolio; even faster, for smaller ones.
  • Scalability to millions of accounts.
  • Tax sophistication: industry-leading.
  • Expertise: founded in 2016 by the software developer who built the industry's first "robo" DI+TLH at Wealthfront. Required specialized knowledge (optimization, math, stats, etc.) Complex, so even large firms tend to license, not build.
  • 100% automated, not "almost automated"; can run as "robo" with no human involvement.
  • Speed of innovation: well-architected, so custom features are easy to build.
  • Safety: backtester uncovers unexpected scenarios before they affect customers.
  • Deep feature set.
  • Extreme attention to detail.
  • Competitive differentiators: tax alpha strategies beyond DI+TLH; backtester enables personalization in tuning the strategy; plus more.

We do not manage money, or sell directly to advisors / investors; we just license our software (binary or source-available), which our clients can host.