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Founded in 2013, Kasisto enables financial institutions to service, engage and acquire customers via human-like, intelligent conversations, anytime, anywhere. Kasisto’s Conversational AI platform, KAI Banking, powers omni-channel virtual assistants and chatbots who are fluent in banking across mobile apps, websites, messaging platforms, and voice-enabled devices.

KAI is the leading Conversational AI platform for the finance industry and Kasisto’s customers include DBS Bank, J.P. Morgan, Emirates NBD, TD Bank, Standard Chartered, Manulife, Absa, among others. They chose KAI Banking for its proven track record to drive business results while simultaneously improve customer experiences. The platform is engaging with millions of consumers around the world, and is optimized for performance, scalability, security and compliance.

What sets KAI apart from its competitors is that the platform is proven in production and, in fact, it is the most comprehensive deployment of Conversational AI in the finance industry. With human-like, intelligent conversations, everyday KAI-powered virtual assistants helps banks and their customers by:

Servicing consumers in ways that increase operational efficiencies while delighting customers

  • Reduce call center volume – KAI skillfully deflects or triages frequent banking tasks and knows when to hand-off to a live agent for services that need a human touch

  • Empower customers to self serve – Help customers get their banking done on any channel they prefer

Engaging consumers in ways that increase brand loyalty and sticky behaviors

  • Enable lifestyle banking – KAI weaves financial decisions into everyday life and gives customers the seamless experience they expect – contextual, proactive and personalized

  • Champion their financial well-being – KAI uncovers insights and makes recommendations to help customers manage their money, not just move it.

Acquiring consumers in ways that increase the lifetime value while reducing digital acquisition costs

  • Help them discover products they need – Conversations with KAI naturally lead to contextual offers for products and services. Personalized assistance that is relevant increases the lifetime value of each customer.

  • New channels open new relationships – Digital marketing and sales with KAI lowers the cost of acquisition and uses intelligent, proactive conversations to provide steady value.

Built with the deepest AI portfolio in the industry, KAI includes Platform Tools and Services to customize and continually improve consumer experiences as well as seamlessly add new features, channels and markets. As an SRI International spin-off, Kasisto leverages decades of artificial intelligence research and IP to create a full-stack, scalable, enterprise-ready platform.

What makes KAI Banking the leading Conversational AI platform for the finance industry:

  • Proven in production, millions of consumers, multiple markets

  • Pre-packaged banking knowledge speeds time to market

  • Human-like, intelligent conversations do more

  • Ubiquitous AI brain leverages AI investment

  • Platform tools and services gives control

  • Architected to integrate with data and infrastructure

  • Seamless hand off to live chat or contact center

  • Solutions partner, committed to customer success

  • AI pedigree, built on decades of experience and research

  • Customers, partners with the world’s most innovative institutions


Some of the world’s most innovative financial institutions, including DBS Bank, J.P. Morgan, TD Bank, and Standard Chartered, rely on KAI to help them decrease customer care costs, acquire customers via new channels, increase sales with contextual offers, increase brand loyalty with customer financial well-being, and competitively differentiate themselves with entirely new banking experiences. KAI seamlessly allows their customers to have meaningful conversations with them – anytime, anywhere.

DBS Bank

This is the world’s most mature deployment of a conversational AI assistant in a bank to date, and the in-depth case study serves as a blueprint for the coming wave of global banking innovation with Conversational AI.

When DBS launched digibank, a groundbreaking paperless and signatureless bank in India, it was powered by Kasisto’s KAI from the start as the face of the bank. KAI helps customers open new accounts, check balances, get answers about products and services, and identify spending patterns. Very quickly DBS expanded its use of KAI in new markets, Indonesia and Singapore, and on multiple channels – including their mobile app, website and Facebook Messenger, and in two languages, English and Bahasa Indonesia.

KAI handles 82 percent of all digibank customer interactions without human intervention – which is no small undertaking for 2 million customers. DBS digibank requires just a fifth of the resources of a traditional bank set-up due to cost-saving features such as the virtual assistant powered by KAI. We have more years of evidence that proves implementing KAI in financial institutions greatly reduces costs while simultaneously improving the customer experience

The joint partnership has been recognized as the Most Successful Cross-Border Partnership by LendIt Fintech USA, and thanks to DBS's work with KAI, it has been named the 2018 Best Digital Bank by Celent and World’s Best Digital Bank 2018 by Euromoney.

J.P. Morgan

J.P. Morgan announced KAI Business Banking will run the AI engine for treasury customers – a business that moves $5 trillion for corporations every day. Recently, they launched their virtual assistant pilot, powered by KAI. Today, their clients have to navigate through some of the website's 1,200 pages to do such things as send wires or export data from multiple accounts to determine balances. With KAI, clients can simply ask the assistant for information on balances. The KAI-powered virtual assistant "learns from its users, seeing what questions they typically ask and patterns their actions. It will eventually be able to make recommendations. The plan is for it to spread beyond desktop computers to mobile and voice-activated devices.

TD Bank

TD Bank announced that KAI Banking will power intelligent conversations across their channels – creating frictionless, experiences that help customers feel confident and empowered. The first deployment is TD’s top-ranked mobile app, where KAI will engage with their 11M digitally-active customers. Through the KAI-chatbot, TD customers will be able to check account information, review transaction histories and monitor spending levels. In addition, customers will also be able to get instant answers about specific spending-related questions including how much they spent on a recent weekend getaway, what their largest transaction was last week, or what they spent on categories like groceries or coffee last month. TD is leveraging KAI Banking to create intelligent, highly personalized and empowering experiences for their customers.

Standard Chartered Bank

SCB announced that KAI Banking will power intelligent conversations across their channels as an innovative way to bring convenient and personal experiences to their customers anytime, anywhere. The KAI-powered chatbot will help customers manage money, make payments and analyze spending in a split-second, via natural conversations in English first, and eventually other languages too. The first deployments of KAI will be online and mobile banking platforms and websites. Standard Chartered selected Kasisto’s KAI Banking for its chatbot based on the platform’s proven track record of delivering bots that engage customers in ‘human-like’ conversations.