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We help organisations around the world lend responsibly, more fairly and quickly to people and businesses. We help them to minimise the risk of fraud, deliver a better customer experience and identify new business opportunities.

Helping businesses and organisations make smarter, faster decisions

  • Does this person qualify for a service we provide? How can I make it easier for my customers to sign-up?
  • Is this loan appropriate for a customer’s circumstances? Can this customer afford the loan they’re asking for? How can we improve our collections process to reduce stress for our customers?
  • Is this customer who they claim to be? Is this transaction genuine or might it be linked to criminal activity?
  • Can I improve my operations to make credit decisions in minutes instead of days?
  • How can I identify new opportunities and make better strategic decisions with the vast amount of data we have?

Organisations have always needed to answer these questions – and need to do so correctly, fairly and responsibly. They need to make decisions hundreds, thousands, even millions of times a day. And today, with more information to better understand their customers’ financial behaviour, they can do so in a way that’s quicker and more convenient for their customers, providing the level of service expected by today’s consumer.

Unlocking the power of data

We help businesses answer these questions by building a picture of their customers’ credit history. We collect and sort data from thousands of sources, primarily on the credit a person or business has applied for in the past, whether their applications were successful, and how they paid the credit back. We continually search for alternative sources of data, to strengthen and deepen the data we hold. We turn this information into a credit report.

These credit reports are used by businesses to help calculate credit scores and make decisions about lending and the terms on which to lend. We also help people see their own credit report online, through our Consumer Services activities, to help people understand their finances, and take control of their credit.

Helping life run smoothly every day

In our 34 credit information bureaus across the world, from India to Australia, from the US to Brazil, we create millions of credit reports every day. This means that tens of millions of decisions are made every day, by banks and lenders, and by healthcare providers and retailers. This means millions of people and businesses are closer to getting the loan they need at a rate they can afford.

“Perhaps most important, credit reporting allows borrowers to build a credit history and to use this ‘reputational collateral’ to access formal credit outside established lending relationships.” - World Bank

Making better decisions

We help our clients minimise the risk to their organisation while delivering the sort of customer experience that people expect. We help them to lend effectively, to detect and minimise fraud and to comply with legal requirements. We help them identify new opportunities including more efficient ways to run their business and better ways to cross-sell their products.

We do this by combining our own data with data from our clients and third parties. We then use advanced technologies to organise and analyse this data, turning it into useful information and something meaningful which our customers can act on. Our clients can make lending decisions on hundreds of millions of credit applications every year and can also avoid fraud by checking that applicants are who they say they are.

We serve hundreds of thousands of organisations in more than 40 countries, from small start-up businesses to multi-nationals and governments. Our 3,000 technologists and data scientists work collaboratively with our clients, listening to them, identifying problems and then helping to find the best solutions for their needs, using advanced technologies and new algorithms.

For the fifth year in a row we’ve been named by Forbes magazine as one of the top 100 “World’s Most Innovative Companies”.

We help organisations to:

  • Reduce fraud – by making sure that whether the customer is getting in touch by phone, laptop or tablet, they are exactly who they say they are
  • Assess a customer’s ability to pay – by providing an accurate picture of their financial information
  • Increase customer satisfaction – by identifying cross-selling opportunities and unmet needs
  • Reduce churn – by identifying patterns of behaviour that suggest a customer may not be happy
  • Make decisions quickly and consistently – by automating processes and using data effectively to make consistent, accurate decisions