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Paperclip Inc. is a software technology partner solely focused on providing enterprises with the most efficient means of secure content capture, processing, transportation and storage of terabytes of data for rapidly growing firms and Fortune 1,000 companies worldwide. Paperclip does so via leading-edge solutions that keep information digital and secure throughout its life cycle. Paperclip offers an expansive range of cloud based B2B and B2C solutions that eliminate paper to deliver new possibilities in efficiency, communication, and ROI, each customized to specific industry and business goals. For more information, visit

Solutions Include:

  • Paperclip SAFE® - Paperclip SAFE® - was created to eliminate the amount of sensitive data exposed as plaintext to support search/query functions. Today, all data leveraged by operational applications is moved from encryption at rest or encryption in motion to memory (cache, storage, CPU, processing server, etc.) so that it is readily available for use. This structured, exposed sensitive data is the target for threat actors who wish to steal it, manipulate it, or leverage it for ransom attack. SAFE assures that the sensitive data remains always encrypted, even during search activities. In addition, it’s best to think of SAFE as a plug-in. It works with your existing operational applications (HR, Sales, Customer Service, etc.) and data base solutions. There is no change or disruption to the way your end users work, and you don’t have to re-architect your network infrastructure. Along with the link above, you can also view the SAFE FAQ on our Solutions Summary Page. We do offer a full sandbox and proof-of-concept (POC).

  • Virtual Client Folder - Virtual Client Folder content management – (VCF) is a feature rich content management solution that forces structure at time of capture to enable communications, manages all file formats, and manages SEC 17a-4 compliance for archive and retention. VCF is extremely configurable, not requiring professional service. A differentiator in the market is that VCF is not a niche solution but a true enterprise content management solution. There are two methods of integration: 1) Open4, 3rdparty application places a button on the screen that drops a metadata file with a special extension related to the content on the screen, VCF retrieves it and delivers the related folder back to the screen. If folder doesn’t exist it creates it., and 2) JSON Restful API. Paperclip has also developed a Salesforce package that creates a custom object containing the related document list stored in VCF. Once installed it is a mapping exercise to relate the two applications.

  • Mojo - Why support a capture solution internally that cannot be scaled and delivers defects that have to be managed before it enters the workflow. With the movement to a digital world, Mojo offers a scalable solution for capture of structured and unstructured documentation, bridges competitive e-app vendors, all while enabling 99.9% accuracy meeting any SLA.

  • Internet eXpress - Internet eXpress is a many-to-many document exchange service that could levitate the communications/exchange of documentation between trading partners, i.e. TPAs, Brokers. Today documents are exchanged either email, fax, or one off’s (SFTP). Not only does the current way lack in compliance but requires management for each application. Internet eXpress presents the opportunity to give all trading partners one way of exchanging documents, with security, one tracking system and accountability.

  • Paperclip SIGN - Paperclip SIGN an alternative to the current e-signing solution in the market. A better mouse trap for sure in the following ways: click and close, compliance, no setup, attestation/signing on every page, e-signing of multiple documents in a single envelope, multiple signers for a single envelope, and integration with VCF for auto filling upon the return, all requiring no API integration. Paperclip SIGN is offered at an undeniable rate of $1.00/envelope. Available today! Next release will enhance workflows by providing multiple delivery options: auto filing into VCF, and/or delivering to an email distribution list, and/or dropping into a URL, and/or, making an API call, and or handing off to another Paperclip service, ie. Internet eXpress.