The Clovis AML Platform

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Clovis provides a holistic, AI-based application that combines analysis, investigation, reporting functions and intuitive interfaces customized to dynamically meet your AML needs. Additionally, the experienced Clovis team works with you to build and maintain data stores and analytics that provide alerts based on the risk profile of your institution.

Key Features

Acquiring and keeping customers in this new environment exposes banks to vulnerabilities that they have not experienced before.

Clovis Technologies' AI-enhanced AML/CFT detection software helps you address new challenges by providing:

  • Rapid Model Integration - Upload, test, and implement AML models in minutes. Immediately begin monitoring data with new analytics and assigning alerts to investigators.
  • Single Platform Collaboration - Combine multiple data systems into one platform for easy retrieval of information and provide real-time updates between investigators, analysts, and managers. Graphical interfaces give quick views of activity and links to details for use in research.
  • ClovisQ - Proprietary AI-enabled AML risk score that combines a customer’s demographics, industry, location, transactions, and interactions with investigator actions to update risk scoring in real time as patterns emerge.
  • On-Demand Reports & FIU Submissions - Standardized report templates include automatically populated key data points to ensure management and FIUs receive consistent reporting. Consolidated, easy-to-query data sources let you quickly run external and internal audits.

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Key Benefits

Current AML Software vs. The Clovis Platform

1. Current AML Software - AI is either non-existent, misapplied, and/or very limited in scope leading to high false positives & low resolution velocities.

The Clovis Platform - The AI developed by Clovis takes a holistic approach and includes not only customer transaction activities but investigator, analysts and supervisor behaviors. Learning from those who use the system, Clovis can formulate better alerts to lower false positives, increase resolution velocities and help users become faster and smarter at the tasks they are performing.

2. Current AML Software - Software companies usually employ a “black-box” structure where new models can take weeks, if not months, to be installed on the system by the vendor, delaying important updates as new criminal patterns are detected.

The Clovis Platform - Our platform allows users to easily and quickly install and test new models in real time. Allowing for faster integration of better quality alerts as new information become available.

3. Current AML Software - Platforms have a delay in receiving records from external data stores in that either information needs to be manually moved from an external system and/or wait for overnight processing due to the limited capabilities of the software.

The Clovis Platform - Clovis integrates the financial institution’s data into the platform in real time. No need to manually input data and/or wait for information uploads. As records update, Clovis will update as well.

4. Current AML Software - Investigators are sent alerts without an understanding of why the alert was triggered and/or the best path to investigate the alert.

The Clovis Platform - ClovisQ is the proprietary AI enhanced scoring system the Clovis platform uses to rank alerts, accompanied by clear indicators as to why a customer may be suspicious.

5. Current AML Software - No/limited capabilities to see stats on investigator workflow (number of open/closed alerts, decisions, time spent on alerts, etc.).

The Clovis Platform - Clovis gives managers the ability to review their team stats in real time including individual performance. Managers can use this information to make strategic decisions including additional training based on a person’s strengths/challenges skill set

6. Current AML Software - SARs and/or requested audit documentation must be manually written, researched and submitted. This can take weeks, if not months, for a financial institution to coordinate.

The Clovis Platform - Besides the ability to pull all information requested for an audit in just minutes, Clovis can compose and electronically submit effective SARs using the information gather on an alert including documentation and notes to the bank’s regional FIU. This will allow AML personnel more time to focus on investigations and detection instead of administration work.