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Moody’s has extensive experience in delivering successful solutions for compliance teams across a wide variety of industries including multinational corporations, global financial institutions, governments, professional services, and law firms. Our suite of Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Know Your Supplier (KYS) solutions set the standard for Anti Money Laundering (AML) and compliance excellence, empowering you to make confident and informed risk decisions about who you are doing business with.

We provide unparalleled data, analytics, and software tools to help identify bad actors and protect reputational risk, allowing you to conduct responsible business faster and more efficiently than you ever thought was possible. Using real-time and historical data, Moody’s helps to identify, verify, assess, screen, and monitor the individuals and companies you do business with for a deeper understanding of the risks associated with their networks, business partners, customers, and other third parties.

Our unparalleled data assets include a database of 472+ million entities, real-time identification & verification capabilities paired with 19+ million curated risk profiles providing our customers with an integrated and holistic view of risk. We can deliver a fully automated screening and due diligence solution that seamlessly integrates into our customer lifecycle management platform. These features make us the most cost-effective, efficient, and scalable AML/KYC screening solution.

Key Features

Kompany's global register network helps resolve the complexity of anti-money laundering compliance by providing real-time access to original entity information for customers' business verification needs. Their network retrieves data and documents exclusively from the primary source and delivers them with a timestamp in order to audit-proof know-your-business (KYB) processes.

Orbis is the leading entity database of listed companies, banks, non-bank financial institutions, insurance companies, sole traders, state-owned and state-invested enterprises, marine vessels, and individuals.

Orbis provides company data for validation and assessment, including:

  • Unique identifiers
  • Ownership structures and beneficial ownership
  • Individuals
  • Financials
  • ESG risk data and metrics
  • Original documents
  • Legal status, events and corporate actions, company announcements, and key dates
  • An entity’s industry and country/political regime and associated risk metrics
  • M&A activity
  • Changes in ownership

Grid is a risk database that curates adverse media, politically exposed persons (PEPs), monitored watchlists, sanctions, and screening. Risk information is curated into detailed profiles so customers can see associated risk-relevant data in structured, detailed reports.

Grid's combination of data and categorization helps customers filter content by risk type, risk stage, and risk age, based on relevance and risk profiles. Grid contains 3 billion+ media articles categorized by 50+ risk codes and 30 risk stages.

Passfort is an automated end-to-end client life cycle management platform enabling companies to rapidly onboard customers and monitor and manage risk and compliance standards. The solution digitizes compliance journeys, maximizing automation and bringing in humans where they add the most value in analysis, judgment, and decision-making.

Used globally, Passfort features:

  • Smart policies, a no-code, configurable policy builder that streamlines and automates the risk assessment, compliance operations, and customer life cycle management workflows.
  • Integrated data checks combine Orbis and GRID with other Moody's, third-party, or proprietary data assets to enable customers to create their ecosystem of compliance data.
  • The risk engine combines customer data with results from automated checks to build a real-time picture of risk.
  • Communicate enables customers to collect compliance information securely and easily, from their customers, enhancing the user experience without compromising compliance requirements.

Our Review solution screens and monitors individuals and entities, according to user’s risk profile and appetite. Review combines data, technology, and people-power for precise results and a significant reduction in false positives. Screening results can be customized according to the categories of risk, offense stages, and risk age that are relevant to customer’s organization.

Key Benefits

Moody’s is setting the standard for AML and KYC excellence, empowering our customers to act confidently and make informed risk decisions about who they are doing business with. Our customers are facing complex, emerging risks that require an integrated approach. Today, we have unparalleled data, analytics, and software tools to identify bad actors, protect reputational risk and help customers conduct responsible business faster and more efficiently than they thought was possible.

Data & Intelligence

Our unmatched depth of coverage includes entity firmographics, direct access to corporate registries, PEPs, Sanctions/Watchlist, Adverse Media, Special Collections (e.g., Marijauna Related Businesses, Virtual Currencies, Data Privacy and Protection), and financial and non-financial indicators, with additional connectivity to 25+ other data providers and your internal data.

Workflow Orchestration

Passfort automates anti-financial crime and compliance processes for regulated firms the world over. The solution helps businesses stop financial crime, not good customers who want access to financial services. The low to no-code platform thrives on complexities, such as multiple customer types and multiple product lines operating across multiple jurisdictions. Clients can solve KYC challenges at scale without it being costly to implement or hard to evolve. Passfort automates compliance processes across 211 jurisdictions and supports more than 4.5 million customer journeys each year.

Partner & Thought Leader

The Moody's compliance and third party risk management offering goes beyond the solution we sell you – we give you the support and access you require to make better, more informed decisions. Our global team supports your analysts and users and our team of industry experts is available to support your teams and departments.