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Sapiens Decision (formerly called Sapiens DECISION) is a business rules decision management solution used by a selection of the largest banks, mortgage companies and insurance companies. It is the only business rules tool designed for the business with little to no IT involvement (once it is setup). It is a tool designed to maximize speed and efficiencies in creating and managing complex business rules, while minimizing costs of creation and change. The tool uses a patented process that enhances its ability to “get it right” the first time for use with client existing core systems.

  • Decision effectively addresses the complexity of determining and then translating business logic – data, business rules and machine learning used to make business decisions – into operational code. The business, or “Citizen Developers” can model, validate, test and simulate the business logic required for all new processes without IT involvement. Creation takes days or weeks, instead of months or years. Subsequent changes can happen in hours or days.
  • The patented rigorous, structured approach ensures accuracy, efficiency and consistency during modeling. The models may then be automatically generated and deployed as code into automated DevOps environments, ensuring that the software is fully aligned with the organization’s business needs.
  • Sapiens Decision has a robust governance capability for release management, versioning, change control and auditing.
  • The result is a better client experience because of the responsiveness, accuracy and consistency clients can provide their customers.

Key Features

  1. Reduce costs and complexity by centralizing the development and dissemination of institutional business logic. The organization’s business logic and related business decision rules are developed once and deployed rapidly and seamlessly across systems, regions and businesses. It becomes a “single point of truth” – Providing business and IT users a centralized business rules decision repository that ensures consistency, accuracy and re-use.
  2. Gain visibility, realize true governance – Achieve accurate, cross-organizational compliance and governance by putting business users in full control of institutional business logic and enabling them to trace every policy and rule back to its motivation and documentation.
  3. Oversee Change Management in a format and language that speaks to business users - Decision Manager allows the business user to oversee the implementation of every decision across the organization, and to trace it back from the code level to its underlying business motivation and source.
  4. Introduce a common language between business and IT experts - The Glossary Manager ensures common and consistent terminology that enhances accuracy and consistency, as the business decision is streamlined from design and definition, through to execution and optimization.
  5. Reduce risk – Assess the impact of any change (competitive, strategy, regulatory, etc.) and allow users to simply and quickly design new models to test and meet evolving business requirements. With every implemented change, the business reason, owner and timing are documented.
  6. Leverage, enhance and augment existing technology – Although it sits at the core of the company’s systems, Sapiens Decision is technology-agnostic and can connect across the institution’s systems, eliminating the costly “rip and replace” approach that is traditionally required for a solution of its caliber.

Key Benefits

  1. Returns control of business systems back in the hands of the business domain and provides complete governance and accountability.
  2. By discovering most issues early on during business logic articulation, projects are up to 50 percent shorter and time to market for new products, services and updates is up to ten times faster.
  3. More business processes are quickly automated resulting in less de-scoping.
  4. Production issues are reduced, reducing cost of cures, with up to 70 percent more business logic reused, 80 percent less time and effort is required to make changes, with less time and fewer resources needed to handle production incidents, support issues and compliance inquiries resulting in higher straight through processing rates and reduced operations costs.
  5. Customer experience is enhanced due to speed and responsiveness, improved consistency and accuracy, with reduced costs.


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