Paperclip SAFE

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Paperclip SAFE® is real-time Encryption-in-Use focused on Searchable Encryption.

The Challenge: Today, in order to search data to support business operations, the data needs to be moved from an encrypted state (Encryption at Rest or Encryption in Transit), unencrypted, and stored in memory (cache, RAM, CPU, or storage). This means that large amounts of data reside as plaintext in memory, fully exposed to threat, just to support day-to-day search functions.

The threat actors know this and they’re keenly aware of the traditional techniques used to protect your most precious data. The data theft and data ransom numbers are indisputable. The threat actor is succeeding at an astounding rate.

The Solution: Paperclip SAFE® was developed specifically to assure that all critical data remains shredded, encrypted, and out of harm’s way throughout the search function. SAFE was built to secure Paperclip’s own data, so it has to operate at a speed allowing real-time search at the speed of business. SAFE also integrates with your existing search applications and database. To support a changing threat landscape, SAFE is built upon a Zero Trust platform supporting Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) implementations and complies with all Privacy, data minimization, and data segmentation standards.

Paperclip SAFE® renders breaches worthless and secures sensitive data from ransom demands. SAFE Stops the Breach!

Key Features

Key Features of Paperclip SAFE®

  • Searchable Encryption
  • Paperclip's Patented Shredding Technology
  • Multiple Key Vaults
  • Zero Trust Frameworks
  • Access Controls
  • Paperclip's Patented Privacy Enhancing Technology (PET)
  • Virtual Maching Mooring Technology
  • AI/ML Monitoring Threat Detection and Response (TDR)\
  • Minimal Speed Degradation - on average, adds as little as 20-40 milliseconds per record as compared to a typical database query
  • Open JSON:API - Connects with existing search applications
  • Simple, Fast Implementation - No need for full data migration as SAFE only stores sensitive data. All other data remains in current database
  • Multiple International and U.S. Patents

Key Benefits

Key Benefits of Paperclip SAFE®

  • Seamless, Searchable Encryption - Sensitive data is not exposed to risk during search function
  • Enhanced Privacy - You can't have privacy if the data can't be secured and encryption is the BEST way to secure data
  • Secure-by-Default - SAFE runs in the background and simply implementing SAFE will improve your data security posture
  • Zero-Trust - Two Key Vaults and a two person authentication process wherever access is granted or administrative changes are made
  • Beyond Encryption - In addition to leveraging industry best, long-string, complex encryption, SAFE employs Paperclip's patented shredding technology. Even if encryption is broken, the data is shredded and useless to the hacker.
  • No Change to the Way Your Employees Work Today
  • Reduces the Complexity Related to Traditional Approaches - SAFE is a SaaS solution. No need to learn, install, and manage complex solutions that don't always work well together. A transition in staff will also have no adverse effect on database security.

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