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10x's product vision is to offer banks a platform to build, adapt and evolve banking through the latest technologies, innovations and products; to unlock 10x the potential for their business and best serve their customers, at a lower cost. Our focus is in providing a flexible platform implementation and service that advance the performance of and cater for the vastly varying needs of global banks.

Our modularised platform facilitates true product composability and flexible cloud deployments, combining configurable native product features with the ability to augment and personalise, without compromise.

Increase bank agility

  • - increases speed-to-market by providing a suite of pre-built Modules and templates to easily compile and configure products
  • - provides banks with the ability to further personalise products using a polyglot Hooks framework (coding in any and multiple languages), leveraging existing or locally available skillsets

Facilitate the pathway to cloud

  • - built cloud-native from the ground-up, our platform utilises the latest composable, microservice-based architecture
  • - provides a range of deployment options (public, private, hybrid)

Provide evergreen, latest Core technology

  • - provides best in market scaling
  • - removes additional barriers to live by providing an evergreen, commoditised ledger (SuperCore Fabric)
  • - the core runs in an isolated runtime, maintained by 10x, meaning that updates to the core can be performed without impacting clients' configurations

Provide best in class Enterprise-Grade Service

  • - docs portal and dedicated client resource
  • - Our platform is accessible in four ways
  • - Enabling a network of global and regional SI's with the tools and knowledge they need (certification programme and centres of excellence) to be able to provide a seamless, localised service when implementing 10x

Key Features

Virtual Products: 10x's proprietary method for the co-creation of financial products and associated behaviour with clients and third parties. A Virtual Product combines the functions of the features outlined below, operated by Clients / Partners and 10x.

Product Templates are pre-fabricated Virtual Products across all banking product lines. They form a baseline that can be edited by clients using ProductKit (outlined below).

Clients or Partners can build, maintain and innovate with 10x and third parties through multiple interfaces: For Product/Business users: Console UI, and for debelopers: CLI, API and SDK

ProductKit: a suite of tooling that uniquely combines the ability to both configure native product features alongside coding specific behaviour (Modules and Hooks outlined below). ProductKit is provided in an isolated runtime, linked by fixed Hook Targets (endpoints) to allow backwards and forwards compatibility with 10x code.

Modules: native functionality with configurable parameters that allow products across all banking product lines to be compiled and configured in minutes.

Polyglot Hooks - Client or Partner-built code which can be written in any language to influence the behaviour of the platform. For example: a pre-transaction hook is a piece of containerised code that is run before a transaction is applied to the ledger, and which can mutate the original transaction with additional data. Such as, the interception of a foreign debit transaction to apply a fee.

These are supported by Templated Hooks, which are pre-built hook examples that can be modified to suit specific desired behaviours.

Ledger Fabric: is the core layer of the 10x Platform which is tasked with providing the capabilities to create and manipulate: parties (account owners), products (templates that describe account behaviour) and subscriptions (accounts)

Hybrid deployments: The 10x platform can be deployed flexibly to support clients' ranging states of cloud migration: in the cloud as a fully Managed Service or in the clients' own AWS account (Private SaaS). We also offer hybrid and on premise options and are working towards a multi-cloud model.

Truly real time: thanks to its cloud-native, microservice-based architecture, the platform runs in true real time

Steps to transformation: transformation with 10x is broken into 5 sustainable steps:

1. Commission service - where the sandbox can be accessed within 24 hours of signed agreement

2. Focussed onboarding and training

3. Proof of Value - a use case or business line can go live within weeks

4. Roll out - our intelligent, AI-aided migration tooling enables banks to migrate onto or co-exist with the 10x Platform at their desired pace

Key Benefits

De-risked route to transformation: the composition of our platform outlined above offers a unique level of flexibility for banks to be able to get started with digital transformation in an agile way: using the technologies and skillsets of their choice. Our 'steps to transformation' approach gives banks hands on experience of developing what they need, in partnership with us, in consumable low-risk stages.

This puts the power to innovate truly in the hands of our clients and our supportive, flexible implementations remove us from their critical path.

Build with agility: our platform's unique architecture has been designed to fit into our client's existing organisations, offering a multitude of options to innovate, update and maintain products withbout compromising on their individual, localised specifications. ProductKit combines speed to market (Product Templates and configurable Modules) with Hooks enabling clients to augment behaviour for more specific use cases.

Focus on differentiation: our managed core is evergreen, perpetually upgraded technology, meaning that clients' technology and product teams can focus build an innovation on differentiated products and experiences without being held back by implementation of a new core interruptions from upgrades.

Our 'Steps to transformation' method enables digitisation to take placeat the bank's required pace.

Facilitated pathway to cloud: hybrid, multi-cloud deployment offering gives banks who are closer to the beginning of their cloud migration journey the same optionality as those further on; ensuring that the end, truly cloud-native, goal will deliver the best levels of operational speed, efficiency and security.

Best in class Enterprise-Grade Service: our Managed Service provides a guaranteed secure, resilient and 99.999% available platform to some of the world's largest Tier 1 banks. We couple this with a focused partnership approach, based on co-creation of roadmaps and hypercare on important moments.

Lower cost to serve: cloud native efficiency, real-time processes and our managed core, combined with an implementation that leverages desired technologies and skillsets gives our clients a reduced cost of ownership that can be re-invested into innovation or boost the bottom line.

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