The Celent Insurance Blog Turns 10!

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1 February 2019
Jamie Macgregor

A look back at how we looked forward | Celent Insurance Blog: 2008-2018


In 2008, the world was a very different place...

...the world was in financial turmoil and the insurance industry was not immune. Many leading insurers were designated as ‘too big to fail’. Capital adequacy initiatives, such as Solvency II, and stress testing were nothing more than a glint in a regulators’ eye.

Cloud services were beginning to become a serious alternative. An online retailer that begins with “A” (oh, the cheek of it!) was starting to steal business from traditional technology infrastructure firms. In April of 2008, Microsoft joined them with the launch of ‘Live Mesh’ – the precursor to Azure.

In June of that year, the first-generation iPhone was launched. It was a world without Justin Bieber (discovered in 2008), a world where LinkedIn only had ~20 million members (versus its 332 million today), a world without Uber (started a year later in 2009), and a world that had no idea that the Higgs Boson particle existed (the Large Hadron Collider was switched on in 2008).

Celent Insurance Blog Book

Meanwhile, in a Boston basement, a group of eager analysts decided that, in the midst of all this change, they needed a platform to help guide the industry through the uncertainty. A few weeks later, the Celent Insurance Blog was born.

Ten years later, the Celent blog has become one of our most important channels. To celebrate, we have collected some of our favorite blog posts into an e-book and updated a number of those posts with our current take on those topics. We hope you will enjoy reading it and reminiscing about exactly what you were doing at the time (whether playing Snakes on your Nokia or waiting for an app to download on your tethered generation iPhone).

To access the e-book, simply sign into the website here. If you are not currently a registered user on the website, you can register here.

Happy Reading!

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