It's so easy for bank marketing to take a wrong turn

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26 March 2014


  • You have a very valid point about divulging sensitive information on a voice mail recording. It may even be a violation of bank privacy regulations. What if you had 4 roommates? Or lived in a halfway house loaded w/ex-cons? So ING could be breaking the law… and you were only trying to help. A few big problems might prevent your suggestions from going anywhere or triggering any response/changes.

    1. Sales reps and call center staff are not given incentives to solicit suggestions from customers, nor are they given incentives to route suggestions when customers offer them.

    2. No one cares. It isn't their department.

    3. People are lazy. Fixing problems takes work. If there's no button for "this-customer-has-a-good-idea-and-we-need-to-change-our-process," it's going to get ignored.

    No incentive + no easy internal process = "I'm sorry sir... I understand..."

    Incentive + easy internal process = "That's a good idea. I'll be sure to pass your suggestion on just as soon as we're off the phone."

  • Thanks for your comments.

    Dan - I haven't heard of anything like that either!

    Jeffry - agreed. This may be worthy of complaint to bank's privacy office.

  • Wha? Who leaves the user ID as a reference number?!? I've never even HEARD of anything like that. So weird.