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Initiative Introduction
Please list the Products/Lines of Business involved (multiple selection is possible using CTRL and mouse click).
A very brief summary of the initiative that demonstrates why it makes a good candidate for this model award (no more than 100 words).
Financial institution information
Region where company operates (multiple selection is possible using CTRL and mouse click).
Country where initiative was implemented (multiple selection is possible using CTRL and mouse click).
Solution Partner Submitting the Initiative (OPTIONAL)

If available, please provide details for the main solution partner who played a key role in developing/implementing the initiative (optional).

Describe the business need for the initiative. Why did you embark on the initiative? What opportunities did you see? What problems were being experienced? What were the drivers and targets or desired outcomes? Who was the Executive Sponsor?
What solution did you design to achieve the desired outcomes? What technologies and methods did you use and why? (e.g. architectural standards, database, platform, integration, use of vendor products if any, Agile development, or other?), What process or organizational changes did you implement?
Please list the applications involved in the initiative (multiple selection is possible using CTRL and mouse click).
Describe other type of applications involved in the initiative.
What was particularly innovative about your initiative? (e.g. new technology, ways of using it, approach, etc.).
How complex was the project? What were the biggest challenges and how did you overcome them?
Please list the technologies and/or methods involved in the initiative (multiple selection is possible using CTRL and mouse click).
Describe other type of technologies or methods involved in the initiative.
How many individuals were involved? (e.g. internal/external IT employees?), How was the project team structured?, What were their roles?
Were any product or services firms involved? (e.g., technology vendors, professional services firms, fintech/insurtech/regtech partners); If so, who they were? How many external staff participated for each partner? What were their roles?
Approximate project duration; go-live date.
Please list the areas of the value chain impacted by the initiative (multiple selection is possible using CTRL and mouse click).
Describe other areas of the value chain that were impacted by the initiative.
Describe quantifiable results directly linked to the initiative (e.g., Increase in revenue or client numbers, productivity enhancement, cost or risk reduction, etc.).
Describe what other, non-quantifiable results were achieved by the initiative (e.g., positive client feedback, social media buzz, and other business benefits that might be too hard to quantify).
The time to value (TTV) measures the length of time necessary to finish a project and realize the benefits of the solution. We are interested in understanding when/in how much time did the initiative started providing value for your firm and what was that value (achieved in that time).
Describe at least the three most critical success factors that made this initiative successful.
What benefits did this initiative deliver to your clients? (e.g., improved user experience, reduced turnaround time, better products/ functionality, etc.)
What did your organization learn from this initiative? Are these lessons being applied somewhere else in your organization as a result of it? What would you do differently next time?
How do you intend to build on the initiative’s success going forward?
Additional material

If you wish to submit any supplementary documents (e.g. presentations, screenshots, videos) along with your nomination, please add them here.

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Please include any supportive documents to help us have a broader understanding of the initiative (e.g., demos, user guides, marketing materials, white papers, etc.). The size limit for each file is 50MB