Health Insurance Research Outlook 2022

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Master Data Management for Insurance: Best Practices and Solutions
Max Ang
Master data is data about the business entity and is mapped to reflect the organization. And Master Data Management is the system that execute the data model, to centrally merge and govern the data to be used. As a data-driven industry, insurers will benefit from understanding data management and how a good data model design can bring about improved business benefits.

Going the Distance with AI and ML
Karlyn Carnahan
AI, ML, and new data are all the rage. But they’re hard to implement and even harder to assure value. We surveyed insurers to understand where they are using AI, getting value from AI, and how their usage has changed over the last few years. Insurers also told us about their data governance and highlighted some of the challenges that insurers have in squeezing value out of new technologies in the data space. It’s a long journey, but insurers are focused on going the distance to win this fight.

How to Identify the Right Processes to Automate with Process Intelligence
Keith Raymond
Many insurers have deployed some form of process automation. How they identify the highest value opportunities can be different. We’ll explore the discovery process including the differences in process and task mining.

The Integration of RPA and AI: Putting the Smarts in Process Automation
Keith Raymond
Most insurers we have surveyed have invested in RPA. We’ll focus on what RPA platform providers are doing to evolve their platform capabilities with artificial intelligence.


Technology Trends Previsory: Health Insurance, 2023 Edition
Max Ang, Karun Arathil, Juan Mazzini, Karen Monks, Nicolas Michellod, Keith Raymond, Tom Scales
The insurance industry continues to change rapidly to respond to new technologies, changing business models, the explosion of data and the need to digitize and innovate across every aspect of an insurance company. We’ll provide a “previsory” — a preview of the top trends for 2023 and advice on how to evaluate the impact on your business.

The Future of CRM
Keith Raymond
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms have been around for decades and the capabilities and platform options continue to expand. We surveyed CRM platform providers in the North American market to gain optics into what's on the road map for CRM.

How SaaSy are You? Understanding the Ambiguity of Cloud Dimensions
Karen Monks, Nicolas Michellod
SaaS is on all insurance technology vendors representations. However, not all are equal in terms of how they provide their solution with respect to a SaaS model. Celent has defined a framework helping insurers better map insurance solutions.

Best Practices in Moving to The Cloud
Karun Arathil
Cloud adoption is increasingly a focus across all industry verticals. The insurance industry was slow initially, mainly due to the data protection worries, regulatory constraints and the lack of skill set available in the organisation. However, cloud usage is picking the pace lately. Migrating to the cloud is not always a clean lift and shift of applications from a local data centre to an invisible cloud. Insurance companies need to look at cloud migration from various perspectives.


IT Spending in Insurance: To Spend or Not to Spend Is It Really Relevant?
Nicolas Michellod

Following turbulent times marked by the pandemics and the surge of inflation, insurers have to plan their investments in IT carefully. Celent estimates how much the insurance industry will spend on technology.

Healthtechs That Are Changing Your World: Care Delivery
Tom Scales
Care delivery is increasingly difficult in a world of shortages. From nurses, to doctors, to support professionals, the industry is reeling from the challenges ahead. Here we will focus on new technology that can improve the delivery of care to the consumer.

Healthtechs That Are Changing Your World: Consumer Engagement
Tom Scales
This is one of the most discussed topics in healthcare. Engaging the customer. Whether it is the primary physician, the hospital, or the insurer, the goal is a happier, more engaged customer. We will focus on a wide swath of technology that can improve the customer experience throughout the value chain.

Healthtechs That Are Changing Your World: Tech and Funding
Tom Scales
Most discussions with payers lead to a conversation about their aging technology. As with Life insurers, many payers have deferred these investments too long and have reached the critical stage. It is difficult to connect to modern customer engagement technology without an API-enabled back office. We’ll focus more on the back-office technology associated with a payer.

Healthtechs That Are Changing Your World: The Science of Medicine
Tom Scales
The final report in the series focuses outside of the payer market and more into the science of medicine itself. This is a fascinating topic and there is so much investment. From the providers, to the payers, to pharma, massive investments are being made to improve population health. These technology companies are at the forefront of that effort.


Best Practices in Legacy Transformation
Karun Arathil
Although many insurers are undergoing digital transformation programs to modernise their IT landscape, many still rely on decade-old technologies and core platforms. The consolidation in the industry over the years also worsened the IT landscape from a digital transformation perspective. To achieve the benefits of digitalisation, there is a need to overhaul the core IT system to access real-time data and business processes.



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