VendorMatch is Celent’s vendor discovery and shortlisting platform, helping financial services institutions identify vendors and vendor products and services (solutions) that meet a given set of parameters. Vendormatch has a variety of tools to assist financial services institutions to discover vendors and help vendors to access potential financial services institution clients. 

This page clarifies (i) vendor data categories utilized by the VendorMatch platform, (ii) how such data may be accessed and (iii) answers to frequently asked questions.

DATA categories, Tools and ACCESS

Celent analysts have access to all data provided

The general public can see the following: company overview, solution lists and overviews, vendor news & insights, vendor location, links to vendor contacts and vendor websites

VendorMatch data categories: The below clarifies the different categories of data vendors may provide and how it is accessed:


What is VendorMatch Select?

VendorMatch is a search tool from Celent. The tool helps financial institutions accelerate their vendor partner search. Our newest shortlist feature, VendorMatch Select, aggregates prime criteria into graphic representations. Additionally, it helps institutions create shortlists of vendors that they can contact directly. For vendors, this new feature is designed to increase traffic to your profile(s), boosting your visibility to key end users and buyers.

What is the VendorMatch Solution Profile?

In Celent's coverage of solutions in financial services, Celent would author solution profiles which appear in many of our most popular research reports and insights. The VendorMatch Solution Profile uses the RFX responses from vendors to offer a generated, up to date, engaging profile describing the solution to a VendorMatch User. The VendorMatch Solution Profile is a summary of a solution leveraging vendors' inputs (RFX) around specific topics including the company, product, technology, main features and client base.

When should we update this data?

We recommend that vendors regularly update their data to reflect the latest information about their company and solution(s). This data is used to populate information available to financial services institutions on the VendorMatch platform in real time, so frequent updates by the vendor will help to provide accurate information to the financial services institutions using VendorMatch tools.

How can I choose which data is accessible?

The Celent Vendor Dashboard allows vendors to publish or unpublish their data, and vendors must consent to include their RFX data in VendorMatch Select and their VendorMatch Solution Profile. Our RFX questionnaire uses in-tool icons to show vendors which data is shared and which remains private for use only by Celent analysts or otherwise upon request to vendors.

How will Celent analysts use my data?

Celent analysts have access to all VendorMatch data categories. Celent regularly publishes vendor research that features vendor solutions, segmented by type (e.g., claims solutions or core banking solutions). In addition, this data is used to generate the VendorMatch Solution Profile.

Where is my data stored?

Vendor response data is held on the network of our parent company, Marsh McLennan, which maintains industry standard electronic and procedural safeguards to protect information stored.

How do I see who has accessed this data?

Vendors can subscribe to Celent VendorMatch Pro Analytics to access specific analytics including traffic generated by their VendorMatch company and solution profile(s). Contact your Celent account manager or send an email to for more on VendorMatch Pro Analytics.

What is a VendorMatch User?

This is defined on our subscriptions page.

What are the terms of use of VendorMatch?

The terms of use for VendorMatch vendors are available here: VendorMatch Terms - Vendors (

The terms for VendorMatch end users (i.e. financial services institutions) are available here: VendorMatch Terms - End Users (


Please reach out to with any questions on the usage of your VendorMatch data.

Last updated  June 17, 2022

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