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How to use VendorMatch Select

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What is VendorMatch?

VendorMatch is more than just a vendor directory. It amalgamates rich research functionality with subject matter expertise to provide parameter based search so you can shortlist solutions based on fit. It supports the evaluation phase with access to pre-completed RFI reports (RFX), comparison grids and a tool to support your evaluation project management. Access to some components / data requires a Digital Research subscription (only available to Financial Institutions & Advisors) – contact us using the link above for more information. Use VendorMatch to make more confident technology decisions; faster.

How can I see a list of vendors on the platform?

View our directory to see 1,500 vendors listed on our platform.

Who is updating the vendor's RFX data and solution profile?

Vendors manage their own vendor profile which is updated in real-time.

VendorMatch Select

What is VendorMatch Select?

VendorMatch Select guides you through a shortlisting process providing you with the top vendors to work with. You can compare their RFX data and manage projects through our platform.

Where can I access my VendorMatch Projects?

Login > Under My Setting click Settings Home > on the left, click My Projects.

VendorMatch Discovery

What is VendorMatch Discovery?

VendorMatch Discovery allows you to filter through a list of vendors using various marketing filters.

How can I access VendorMatch Discovery?

If you don't have a VendorMatch Discovery subscription, please contact us to gain access. If you do have a VendorMatch Discovery subscription, please login in and click here to begin your journey.

VendorMatch for Solution Providers

List on VendorMatch

Create a vendor profile and then list all your solutions on VendorMatch where they can be discovered by your potential clients.

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