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Iotatech Claims is a pioneering pay-per-use SaaS insurance platform for risk carriers, third-party administrators and other related businesses, allowing you to stay ahead of the market whilst significantly reducing costs.

Key Features

A future-proofed pay-per-use SaaS platform using Microservices, OpenAPI and Artificial Intelligence with an innovative approach to Customer and User Experience.

Microservices Architecture
Built using small independently testable and deployable services, offering scalability, resilience, independent service upgrades and extensibility where only those services used are paid for.

Open Platform
The Iotatech Platform has built-in secure OpenAPI 3.0, giving our customers the freedom to integrate and extend the platform as required.

Transactional Pricing
With pay-per-use, IT costs become an efficient operating expense as opposed to a capital expense, accountable on a transactional basis.

Digital Enablement
The Iotatech Platform allows your customers to manage their claim or policy through their preferred channel, improving the customer experience and enabling self-service.

Business User Configurability
Built to allow business users to configure everything, from the extensible domain model to the user interface, in a state-of-the-art user experience, allowing businesses to be agile and to stay ahead of the market.

Best-in-Class User Experience
Easy to learn and easy to use, the Iotatech Platform is built with the end-user in mind, offering a best-in-class user experience with an intuitive user interface.

Cloud-Native Platform
The platform offers auto-provisioning, auto-scalability, auto-redundancy and resilience, facilitating continuous business growth whilst minimising failure risk without the burden of additional infrastructure.

Internet of Things
Leverage IoT data by applying Machine Learning to create a Data Dividend. This provides more accurate information to our users, thereby enabling intelligent decision making.

With your customers at the heart of the Iotatech Platform, all parties are able to transparently see, share and update information anytime, anywhere and by any means.

Artificial Intelligence
Taking advantage of the latest technologies, the Iotatech Platform uses Machine Learning to optimise workflows, processes and counter fraud logic, and it uses Natural Language Processing in an innovative way to streamline the notification process and reduce headcount.

Tamper-aware and secure, our users can utilise smart contracts to enable automated payments to and from contractual parties, minimising fraud, human error and delays. Iotatech uses Blockchain technology for secure distributed financial ledger to ensure the integrity of all transactions.

Data Security and GDPR
With cybersecurity and GDPR being at the forefront of our design standards, the Iotatech Platform is fully GDPR compliant, and all personal and sensitive data is encrypted at rest and in transit.

Key Benefits

Iotatech Claims enables users to get ahead of the market and significantly reduce costs through indemnity spend and efficiency gains. The improved customer experience also helps reduce cancellations and attrition.

Creating & Realising Opportunities
The increasing need for organisational change to respond to market dynamics and changes in legislation often means that the real cost to businesses is in the opportunities missed.

Our technology enables companies to respond to changes and market opportunities within days. The Iotatech Platform allows companies to identify opportunities, trial them, and go live whilst knowing all the costs and tracking the benefits at a transactional level.

Disrupting the Market
For many years the insurance market has been demanding solutions that can respond to the marketplace. These solutions have to be quick to implement, business configurable, scalable and most importantly produce a real and measurable return on investment.

Iotatech has set out to provide exactly this by delivering a highly configurable, business-driven system on a pay-as-you-use basis. By being cloud-native Iotatech’s solutions facilitate business growth making it the ideal platform for mergers and acquisitions.

Improving Customer Experience
The aspiration to provide your customers with excellent service is nothing new but rarely achieved. Now customers also want to deal with their insurance needs when, where, and how they want. Iotatech streamlines self-service using advanced data sets such as weather, property, vehicle, travel data, amongst others, and Artificial Intelligence, allowing customers to enjoy a personalised yet automated service.

Scalable Costs
Delivered on a cost-effective pay-per-use SaaS basis, users can account for the cost of technology and its infrastructure on a claim by claim basis; therefore, making IT costs an efficient Operating Expense as opposed to a Capital Expense.

Digital Enablement
Iotatech Claims allows your customers to notify, manage and track their claim through their preferred channel, improving the customer experience and enabling self-service.

Speed of Implementation
The design of the Iotatech Platform enables speed of implementation alongside legacy systems, thereby protecting previous investments, whilst reducing overall costs and minimising disruption.

Integration Simplified
Iotatech Claims integrates easily with internal and external systems and data sources, giving our users a complete solution that’s flexible enough to meet all their current and future needs.

Instant Scalability
Our cloud-native platform can provide instant scalability, facilitating business growth and adapting to surge demand, without the burden of additional infrastructure costs.

Data Dividend
Iotatech Claims enables the efficient use of data and improves processes through the use of Artificial Intelligence, allowing our users to make informed decisions quickly.

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