Neutrinos Infinite Digitalization Platform

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Neutrinos Infinite Digitalization Platform enables extremely rapid development of digital experience applications, APIs, business workflows, orchestrations and integrations. It enables a powerful digitalization paradigm based on assetization of digital business and technology capabilities as composable blocks, along with the ability to rapidly compose these capabilities into purpose-fit digital journeys, applications and orchestrations.

The Neutrinos platform creates a pervasive shift in the kinds of digital experiences, responsiveness, speed and ROI outcomes our clients are able to achieve. Numerous large enterprises have utilized the Neutrinos platform for transforming business-critical customer digital journeys, optimize back office operations, orchestrate complex multi-party business ecosystems, and in the process creating not only valuable digital business assets but also a cultural shift towards a digital-first, experimentation-driven approach, and digital futurist thinking and execution.

The platform includes an artifact repository called the Neutrinos Store which hosts over 600 integration connectors for different systems, databases and protocols. Store also includes reusable and composable UI widgets and starter templates that help developers get off the ground quickly. All of this is enabled using a multitude of WYSIWYG developer tools and a developer sandbox where users can build visually and test in real time.

The Neutrinos platform strongly differentiates itself from competitors in a few key ways:

  1. Composable development approach: The Neutrinos platform enables clean separation of concerns between modules, leading naturally to a microservices architecture. Every layer of the applications built on Neutrinos can be templatized and made available as a reusable, configurable building block. Neutrinos applications can be assembled almost entirely from these composable blocks that are self-contained, and have built-in instrumentation and observability capabilities.

  2. Transforming digitalization: Neutrinos is not merely a platform for rapid development of digital applications. It inculcates a new level of digital thinking and ambition that helps form the DNA of a digital first enterprise, and a digital journey fuelled by imagination.

  3. Enterprise-ready: Neutrinos can support the most complex enterprise application needs. This is evidenced by the fact that Neutrinos usually wins against competition in POC-based evaluations against other low code platforms where the innate complexities and constraints of enterprise use cases come to the fore. Neutrinos enables the right balance between configurability and structure that maximizes productivity and speed.

  4. Fully open source: Neutrinos generates MEAN stack applications along with the surrounding frameworks necessary for deploying, maintaining and scaling them. The commitment to open source means that Neutrinos applications benefit from the wide developer community, rigorous performance and security testing, and rapid innovation that low code projects enjoy. It also means Neutrinos’ customers are not locked in to our platform or to any particular cloud or other infrastructure.

Key Features

Multi-experience UI Capabilities

  • Canvas UI Framework

  • Mobile Responsive UI

  • Native Device Plugins

  • Dashboard Plugins

  • Client-Side App Framework

  • Offline Applications

  • Progressive Web Applications

Automation capabilities

  • Workflow / State Definer

  • Rules Configuration

  • Scheduler / Data sync

  • Service Orchestration

  • Microservice Builder

Data Modeling capabilities

  • Multi Data source Definition

  • Customized Modeling

  • Visual Model Definition

  • Automatic Service Creation

  • Model-to-UI

Product Tooling

  • Developer Sandbox

  • WYSIWYG Developer Tools

  • Figma to UI

  • Dependency Management

  • Service to UI

  • Test Automation

Deep Learning capabilities

  • Voice Processing

  • Video / Vision Processing

  • Document Recognition

  • Document Processing

  • Sentiment Classification

  • Text Classification

Key Benefits

  • Rapid development of enterprise digital use cases across customer and employee experience, business workflows, APIs, integration and process orchestration. Time to market acceleration of 10x or more is possible with Neutrinos as compared to traditional development approaches.

  • Total cost of ownership reduced by 60% through extreme productivity, architectural simplification, better maintainability and greater stability.

  • Development simplification can lead to 90%+ developer effort reduction

  • Composable making approach makes it easy to build solutions that reuse existing capabilities in new ways, ensure alignment with standards, and build in deep business observability into each solution. It also helps build solutions that can keep pace with business needs as they evolve, leading to more agile and responsive digital capabilities.

  • Pricing model flexibility: Neutrinos offers multiple pricing options that can be tailored to best fit the needs of each customer.

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