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The end to end data management and workflow platform for client onboarding and client lifecycle management. By providing a single source of clean, consolidated data across the enterprise, iMeta CLM has been specifically designed to adapt to a firm’s individual and constantly changing business requirements. It is proven to reduce operating costs and deliver operational excellence by harmonising multiple internal systems, accelerating client onboarding times and transforming the overall customer experience.

Businesses exists in a heavily regulated environment, which is rapidly evolving with a steady stream of new regulations requiring implementation. Therefore they require a data management solution that is proven in this environment and can respond and adapt as the business changes.

iMeta CLM fits this requirement: It has a highly flexible data model and business rules engine that can be configured in house to add new data fields and rules when they are needed; allowing the enterprise to comply with new classification requirements, new regulatory requirements and to support the changes in the business as it grows.

Financial firms are often managing complex business relationships and are striving to provide their clients with a professional and enjoyable experience in all their interactions. iMeta CLM is designed to support the needs of front, middle and back office to deliver a positive client experience:

  • Its configurable workflow with key point notifications and flexible integration means that it can provide sales with the visibility and speed they require, without having to introduce yet another system into their already complex trading architecture.
  • The intuitive UI design, interactive business rules and workflow will support the back office operational staff with their tasks; leading to and ensuring a proficient process for their clients by removing the multiple touch points and delays that frustrate them.
  • Integrates with data sources to reduce manual data entry and speed up data acquisition times.
  • The powerful business rules engine and auditing functionality provides Risk and Compliance teams with the assurance that the configured rules are enforcing their KYC and AML policies, and that these are being consistently applied throughout the whole client engagement processes.

Coverage for financial institutions may be domestic, cross-jurisdictional or global, and involves a range of markets from cash equities, commodities, FX and derivatives. A system such as iMeta CLM is therefore needed to understand the correct set of regulatory regimes required, and that can comply with and be configured to cover the relevant requirements under MiFIDII, DFA, EMIR, MAS etc.

Key Features

Meta CLM platform consists of:

iMeta KYC – Enables financial institutions to meet the ever changing regulatory needs for KYC compliance, from initial onboarding through to rolling due diligence. Capable of handling rules for multiple jurisdictions; iMeta KYC enforces the firm’s risk based policies. Supporting KYC and anti-money laundering regulations, OTC regulations such as Dodd Frank and EMIR, and taxation such as FATCA; it provides a full audit of the process with the associated documentation required to complete KYC, together with workflows to support the interaction between the different teams and stakeholders involved.

iMeta Credit & Legal – Supports the Credit team by enforcing rules and workflows to build out credit hierarchies. This includes the facility to insert and store the credit entity for a fund, independently of the fund manager. Credit limits can therefore be set with an understanding of where any credit risk lies, based on the product set and hierarchy. iMeta Credit & Legal also ensures the correct data and document requirements can be enforced to comply with relevant regulations such as MiFIDII, DFA, EMIR, MAS etc.

iMeta SSI – Provides banks and broker/dealers with a central repository of standing settlement instruction data that minimises operational risks and trade breaks through comprehensive and flexible data validation. With a certified interface to Omgeo ALERT, it significantly reduces account set up time and the overhead of ongoing data maintenance. iMeta SSI also provides full support for manually entered SSIs, and SSI’s sourced from other repositories.

iMeta Legal Entity Manager – Enables the financial firm to source and maintain data on the entities they need to support their business activities from an operational and regulatory perspective. iMeta Legal Entity Manager leverages the power of iMeta Connectivity to obtain and aggregate data automatically from multiple data sources. Providing a fully configurable data model and data quality rules, together with a rich user interface and configurable workflows, it supports the manual sourcing and exception management activities required for data maintenance. These modules provide a full audit trail to support data provenance and lineage. iMeta Legal Entity Manager is able to act as master or slave to existing in-house systems.

iMeta Connectivity– A data integration layer that firms can use to connect their in-house systems to a variety of industry and vendor client and entity data sources; such as Thomson Reuters Verified Entity Data as a Service, Dun & Bradstreet, Bureau Van Dijk Orbis, and Lexis Nexis Bridger Insight XG. It leverages a configurable rules and workflow engine that can consume and validate legal entity data and associated documents. iMeta Connectivity can also be used to aggregate data from many sources, based on conditional rules if required. The solution can utilise multiple sources of data, whilst ensuring data quality; thereby empowering firms with accurate and streamlined data and straight through processing (STP) to support both business and regulatory processes.

Key Benefits

Quality client data - The essential ingredient – Quality data is the life blood of every successful organisation and iMeta CLM delivers exactly this. Unlike many onboarding tools which mimic paper based workflows, iMeta is first and foremost a data management platform. Helping you master your data, it can be quickly configured to match specific business models and contains legal entity focused information with task and audit data. This delivers many benefits as users will have a complete, single view of each client; together with fast and efficient access to a powerful, detailed data set that can be accurately mined to enable insightful, and forward thinking business decisions.

Bespoke and tailored to fit changing business needs - Meta CLM is a modern, flexible platform, which can be precisely tailored to suit specific business needs. Deployed as a complete, end-to-end solution, it can also interface with a broad range of internal systems; plugging in at the appropriate points for KYC (know your customer), AML (anti-money laundering) and regulatory compliance; to receive and distribute client data and other relevant information throughout a firm. In some cases, iMeta acts as a pure integration layer tool, providing improved connectivity to internal or external data sources (iMeta Connectivity). The configurable workflows can be designed to suit individual team structures and task flows.

Delivers consistent, audited policy enforcement - In an increasingly regulated world, all financial firms need a data management solution proven to deliver. iMeta’s powerful business rules engine ensures that Risk and Compliance teams are able to consistently enforce KYC and AML risk policies throughout the entire client engagement process and beyond. The highly flexible data model also means it can be easily configured to add new data fields and rules, whenever necessary. This enables firms to very quickly comply with new classification requirements, respond to evolving regulatory demands and to scale seamlessly in line with changing business needs, whilst ensuring that there is a complete audited record of consistently applied policies in the event it is required by the regulator.

Automated Data Sourcing - iMeta CLM is an end-to-end onboarding platform that brings together the front, middle and back office, and removes internal bottlenecks. The interactive business rules, workflow notifications and integration capabilities provides fast feedback and transparency of what is required from the client’s perspective; improving communications and reducing touch points. This enables firms to focus and build on their client relationships. Using the platform to automate sourcing and verification tasks delivers increased speed, enabling the company to execute business more quickly.

Global Coverage Across Jursidictions and Assett Classes - Coverage for financial institutions spans domestic, cross-jurisdictional and global territories. Typically this includes a range of markets from cash equities, commodities, FX and derivatives. Irrespective of geography, jurisdiction or asset class, iMeta CLM delivers the appropriate consistent rule application that enables the financial institution to comply with current, or emerging regulatory requirements including MiFIDII, DFA, FATCA, EMIR, AMLDIV, MAS etc.

Successful Project Delivery - Every client is unique and all our users are 100% reference-able. Every project has been delivered on time and within budget. Our in-depth data management, integration and implementation experience enables us to expertly review existing data policies, define appropriate strategies and create scalable solutions designed to match each client’s unique needs. We operate as an extension to an in-house team, supporting our customers every step of the way from project kick off, through ‘go-live’ and beyond. The iMeta 24/7 support team is always on hand to help. In return, our customers achieve operational excellence, improved efficiency & productivity – to realise substantial savings, together with a clear competitive advantage in a constantly changing and challenging world.



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