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Palmyra is :

- Palmyra is available on premise and on cloud.

- A robust platform to build low code state-of-the-art applications allowing business people focus on business issues at hand

- Palmyra is verticalized to the financial sector with a store of business components and technical components to boost digital transformation with a no/low-code business approach. PALMYRA provides more than 25 business components to address Need Analysis, Financial commercial produts setup, Acceptance, Pricing, Due Diligence, Eligibility...

- An enabler and Accelerator supporting all aspects of digital transformation for banking and insurance companies

- Palmyra allows to build state of the art multi channel and modular solutions that can be integrated into our clients eco-system in a non intrusive way.

- Palmyra is a "Multi Experience Platform" addressing all the layers of a multi channel solution such as Frond End designer (WYSiWYG), Process automation, Digital Journeys, Data Management, Security, Micro-services generation, Application Front to back, Data exchange routing and format, API Lifecycle.

- A regularly updated platform embedding best of breed market standards (Java, Angular TS, Spring, Apache,...)

- A high-productivity development platform that reduces complexity delivering a faster time to market

- Palmyra has an integrated devops process to deploy faster solutions on premise or onto Clouds.

- Palmyra is a "non-vendor lock-in" platform, meaning that the code generated is pure standard code with no VERMEG runtime into it. Reversability mecanisms are provided.

- Palmyra focus on the build of solutions not on the run. Pricing is focusing on development team and not on number of users.

- PALMYRA benefits from more than 15,000 mandays a year of R&D, Innovation

- Palmyra is mainly has been used to build and generate missing critical solutions at the enterprise scale

Key Features

  • PALMYRA is a service-oriented Platform, which enables components to inter-operate with existing systems and/or touchpoint technologies.
  • PALMYRA offers the full capability to cover the development of Solutions and Components, from touchpoint to connection with your platforms (Front to Back). PALMYRA as a Components store provides easy to design, flexible and dedicated add-ons, enabling the creation of specialized solutions.
  • PALMYRA UI/UX : address the UI/UX web system design with (financial) web templating to design faster layout and generate pure Typescript. Provides components to generate dynimic forms with no-code, provides web functionalities out of the box like login, first login, change password, SSO, multi Languages mangement, user and role management, white labeling.
  • PALMYRA PROCESS AUTOMATION : address the process automation with a BPM designer tool to orchestration workflow, provide task basket, orchestrate API calls. The Process automation module for RPA.
  • PALMYRA DATA MANAGEMENT : provide a DATA and object design thanks to its UML design to structure data, store data, data behviour, Data lifecycle. It allows to modilise storing in SQL and non SQL databases.
  • PALMYRA DEPLOY : provides features to ease the deployment on various application servers on premise or on clouds using packaging such as ear or war file or into container images
  • PALMYRA API LIFECYCLE : provides features to design API, to deploy API, to test API and to manage the API
  • PALMYRA SECURITY PATTERNS : provides a wide range of strategies to secure application based on security patterns ready to use such as token, SSO, SAML,...
  • PALMYRA DEVOPS : provides features to enable DEVOPS process with a CI/CD approach from build to deployment.
  • PALMYRA APPLICATION : indistrialize the software development livecycle to generate application, micro-services with productivity factors. All the technical code generated is pure java code.
  • PALMYRA API GATEWAY: allows to deploy and to run API. Provides features like routing, security, orchestration, transformation, throttling and correlation ID,...
  • PALMYRA XCHANGER : is an ESB/ETL to transform, to route data and formats. It adresses technical formats and financial formats (15022, 20002, FOREX,...)
  • PALMYRA provides also capabilities for Artificial Intelligence, to collect data, process data and
  • PALMYRA is also VERMEG’s Platform for our Business Solutions (SOLIFE, SOLIAM, MEGARA).
  • PALMYRA is the best way to transform, to extend your IT landscape, to implement your digital strategy including processes, UX innovation, omni-channel and implementation. Whether you are Insurers, Wealth Managers or Asset Servicers, VERMEG delivers on-demand technologies, with PALMYRA Platform and Methodology, for your Digital Roadmap.

Key Benefits

- An economical model where you pay for usage during build, not in run phase

- A platform used by industry leaders and proven to create mission critical software

- A non vendor locking software

- A platform having a proven and benched high productivity



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