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Messagepoint empowers organizations to deliver transformative customer experiences with an intelligent content hub that makes it faster and easier to increase personalization, relevancy, and compliance across all channels and experiences. Only Messagepoint products harness AI-powered Content Intelligence to automate and simplify the process of migrating, optimizing, authoring, and managing customer communications across all platforms and channels.

Key Features

  • Rationalizer - providing AI / ML Powered Content Analysis, Migration, Consolidation, and Optimization capabilities
  • Variation Management - patented capabilities that enable variants of a master touchpoint to share content and leverage implicit rules is unique and highly efficient.
  • Business User Authoring - Messagepoint empowers business users with hands-on control over creating, editing, and managing content and rules, so they can get your communications out the door faster than ever before.
  • Shared Content - Dynamic, shared content at the atomic content level promotes personalization, enables consistency across touchpoints and channels, ensures brand alignment, and makes it easy to rapidly change and manage common content components.
  • Connectors/Integrations - Messagepoint connects to leading CCM, email, customer experience, and web and mobile technologies to maximize Customer ecosystem investments.
  • Assisted Authoring – The Messagepoint Advanced Rationalization and Content Intelligence Engine adds unique AI-powered capabilities that identify content issues relating to consistency, sentiment, and reading levels
  • Messagepoint Connected – Messagepoint’s thin client tool allows front and back office workers including customer service agents to interactively tailor an instance of a communication for a particular recipient to support hyper-personalization, improve customer experience, and streamline business processes.
  • Headless CCM APIs - Messagepoint’s RESTful APIs enable personalized content objects to be shared in sub-second response to API calls to digital endpoints in HTML or JSON formats, so that the presentation of that content can be determined by the templates and styles imposed by the destination digital endpoint. This allows organizations to leverage the strong shared content model provided by Messagepoint along with our rich variable data processing to provide deep personalization and seamless communications across channels.
  • Messagepoint Composer and ECP - In addition to our connectors and integrations to other CCM and digital experience solutions, Messagepoint also provides an Enterprise scale, high-performance composition solution with Messagepoint Composer. And we extend this solution with job orchestration, distribution, tracking, and archive options with Messagepoint ECP (enterprise communications processing).
  • The Messagepoint Touchpoint Exchange is a unique solution that enables organizations to create model touchpoints containing standard layouts and content to share securely with others. Whether a large organization is looking to share standard document formats across teams organization, or a service provider is looking to standardize content and touchpoints for a specific vertical solution, Messagepoint makes it easy to publish, update, distribute and sync model documents and content. This solution is the foundation of our marketing leading Healthcare Touchpoint Exchange solution supporting the Medicare Annual Enrolment Process that automates the typically labor-intensive communications for Evidence of Coverage (EOC), Annual Notice of Change (ANOC), and Summary of Benefits (SB) for US Healthcare's Medicare Advantage customers.
  • Versioning and Sync - Messagepoint's strong focus on granular content management is further supported by our robust version and sync process. It is common for customers to have multiple stakeholders and release cycles for their content and communications. Messagepoint allows Templates and their content (Messagepoint Touchpoints) to be versioned into as many versions as the customer would like. These versioned Touchpoints can all be simultaneously managed, authored, and moved to production. For example, this allows business users to work on changes for next month's roll-out, while also working on a future major redesign/rewrite (i.e. for 6 months from now). The production-approved version can still be available for emergency fixes without affecting the other versions under development. Changes can be bi-directionally synced between versions to allow an emergency production fix to be applied to the development versions. Customers have also used our versioning capability to manage segregated development environments for Dev, QA, Pre-Prod, and Prod. Synchronization can also be done across instances.

Key Benefits

Messagepoint is an intelligent content hub that empowers non-technical business users, enabling them to take control of their content and break free from document-centric approaches by leveraging a modular approach to content management. This enables Messagepoint to excel in the areas of content migration, content variations, content sharing and re-use, content optimization, content management, and content intelligence across all channels, enabling our customers to achieve greater levels of personalization and relevancy in their communications while also maximizing speed and efficiency. Messagepoint’s AI capabilities enable our customers to identify issues and outliers in their content according to sentiment, reading level, and brand profiles. These capabilities combined with our content-sharing capabilities enable our customers to ensure accurate, consistent, and clear communications across all channels.

• Faster authoring, editing cycles, and time to market

• Reduced reliance on costly IT and third-party services resources for managing content

• Elimination of redundant content management with centralized control for all channels for both composed communications and dynamic digital experiences

• Improved accuracy and consistency of communications

• Advanced personalization options

• Reduced document and communication templates under management for lower administrative burden

• Improved quality of communications through reading level, sentiment, and brand adherence analysis

• Faster reviews and approvals with real-time proofing and testing and QA capabilities

• Streamlined team collaboration

• Hybrid and full cloud options for reduced cost of ownership



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