Doxee Enterprise Communications Platform

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As consumers become more demanding when interacting with companies, the requirements and expectations for customer communications are rapidly evolving for every sector. Customer Communications Management tools are growing from supporting static, printed output and one-way broadcasting to creating dynamic, web-based and interactive communications via multiple channels.

As a result, importance of having a one-stop provider to smoothly support this transition is more important than ever before. Doxee Enterprise Communications Platform is designed to fully satisfy your CCM requirements with continuity between batch and on-demand applications, no matter the use case. Its two main components are dX (Document Experience) and iX (Interactive Experience)

Thanks to our unified platform and the full integration with iX product and features, dX can easily mix together interactive, batch, and on-demand scenarios, providing greater service reliability and capability across all communication channels, enabling customers to offer comprehensive digital customer experience.

Key Features

Doxee Document Experience (dX)

  • Easy to use interface enabling document composition, with multichannel delivery
  • Visual design of the production workflow
  • Cloud-based architecture
  • Built-in Content Management
  • Multichannel delivery (print, email, SMS, download from website)
  • Tracking of the workflow, with a comprehensive analytics solution

Doxee Interactive Experience (iX)

  • Personalize a wide range of elements, including text, images, and audio
  • Call-to-actions inside the video
  • User-directed storytelling to drive the message based on viewer interests
  • Rapid integration with SalesForce, SAP and ERP
  • Compatible with best-of-breed web development tools and JavaScript frameworks

Key Benefits

  • Doxee dX is available on the cloud (Public or Private) in SaaS with a fully managed approach, and with zero internal cost for infrastructure maintenance and management. Doxee dX is deployable almost everywhere in the world with a very low implementation time, thanks to its cloud capabilities.
  • Doxee dX offers high scalability, offering savings in terms of time and resources for banking customers, and a managed CCM solution enables seamless management of the large volume of customer documents typical of the banking sector.
  • While structured documents still account for the larger volumes, customer requests can happen at any point of their journey. This is why your enterprise needs a document production solution that has the performance and scalability to support the growing and diverse content that you must assemble and deliver to meet any customer’s demand. With Doxee’s on-demand processing, you can generate documents based on a single request.
  • With Doxee iX, you can easily build personalized how-to videos to offer a powerful method for striking this balance. You can use personalized videos for a variety of scenarios, such as for explaining common user problems and solutions for avoiding them.
  • Use personalized videos to deliver tailor-made how-to videos for on-boarding to provide complete information and improve overall satisfaction, minimizing customer complaints, and increasing loyalty.
  • As many banks have significantly reduced the number of branches in recent years, this has also reduced the opportunities for a direct relationship with the customer. The tools provided by Doxee iX are designed to help banks build strong relationships with customers through digital channels. Personalized communications help banks build a new type of one-to-one, two-way communication channel to create strong customer relations while enriching their profile with data collected directly from the video or the micro-website.

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