SIES® Core P&C / General Insurance

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Technology P&C / General Insurance

SIES® Core P&C is a highly mature solution that has helped insurers significantly increase their relationship with their customers, suppliers and sales channels, in addition to enabling agile responses to market threats and opportunities.

SIES© Core P&C offers a complete set of Subsystems to serve all operational areas of insurers in all lines of insurance. Its subsystems were built on a common platform that covers the entire insurance lifecycle, providing the necessary functionality for the insurer to meet regulatory agency and market requirements.

SIES® Core P&C meets the new business and technology requirements, developed with professionals from the technology areas with extensive experience in implementing projects for insurance companies, obtaining great knowledge of the business and technological processes necessary to design an innovative solution to modernize Insurance Companies, focusing on: New business organization, New technologies and New business environment.

SES© Core P&C aims to support the different activities of an Insurance Company through a standard process model. The SIES® Core P&C integrates the information used in these processes in a single database and, with this, the different areas of the Insurance Company through information sharing, establishing a single flow of information, without data redundancy.

  • Integrated information model, where each subsystem meets the functionalities of a certain operational area of the Insurer
  • The different integrated subsystems are operationally transparent through standardized interfaces
  • The subsystems were designed following the best operational and managerial practices used in market insurance companies
  • Service-based applications, allowing a high level of integration with heterogeneous platforms and distribution of business functionality

Integration with ecosystem

SIES® Core P&C is prepared to fully serve insurance companies and insurtechs. In its implementations, it added numerous essential integrations for the complete operation of an insurance company in the Brazilian market, such as: RNS, SUSEP, Central de Bônus, FIPE, Serasa, Banks, Actuarial Systems, Inspections, Call Centers, Digital Certification, Regulators, among others. , consolidating the integration with the insurance ecosystem.

SIES® Core P&C was developed with professionals with extensive experience in insurance and IT with academic degrees from ITA, Unicamp, IFESP, FATEC, Mackenzie, among others. Professionals working on a mega OO project built on HP-ISO - INDIA and on the IBM - IAA - Insurance Application Architecture project. Ampsoft has over 25 years of experience in the development and implementation of SIES ERP and various solutions for large and medium-sized insurance companies in the Brazilian market and abroad.

SIES® Core P&C uses communication CCM with APIs and/or Webservices to integrate with SUSEP, B2B, B2C, B2B2C and external applications, providing services on mobile devices such as: tablet, cell phone, among others, enabling digital transformation in insurance companies.

Key Features

Management Subsystem

Used for centralized administration of SIES® Core P&C, encompassing: Users, Level of authority, Security, Audit of systems, Single registration of people, Financial indicators, ZIP Code, Remuneration policies, Producers, Customers, Banks, Reinsurers, Brokers, among other essential records. It consists of modules to meet the Technical Administration, System Security and Corporate Information of the Insurer.


  • Uses technical module to maintain business data dictionary, dynamic menus, among other settings
  • Centralizes all the administration of the SIES® Core P&C system in the area responsible for operation and security policies
  • Eliminates all redundancies of corporate information in the insurance company using a single registration of people
  • Information common to other SIES® Core P&C subsystems can be shared from corporate tables, holidays, remuneration, people, addresses, etc.

Product Engineering Subsystem

The insurer's product area will be able to develop and maintain products, using the Product Engineering subsystem. Acceptance criteria, risk assessment and their respective pricing will be defined. The products can have their rates changed in a simplified way, keeping their history by term and in the creation or alteration of the products, the insurance company can inform its reinsurance plans allowing the production sector to receive the necessary information for its commercialization.


  • Launching and maintaining the insurance company's products is faster, as the technical areas will be able to use this subsystem in such a way that business rules are automatically obeyed, after their definitions and implementation
  • The insurer will be able to develop new products and adapt existing ones to meet market demands and business strategies quickly and safely
  • Eliminates the need for a specialist in the sale of products at the ends, quotation applications can be made available for any sales channel and acceptances will be made at the Headquarters and/or Branches
  • Provides for the design of complex tariffs and products and/or simplified products, tariffs and acceptance processes
  • Possibility of segmenting products by type of sales channel or business partners
  • Configurations of more than 1,500 business rules, plus pricing and risk underwriting

Contracts Subsystem

Subsystem used to manage contracts from quotation, proposal, issuance, endorsements and renewals, maintaining the financial and accounting controls required by regulatory agency. The insurer's sales channels may use applications and services/APIs available on SIES® Core P&C to sell products.

The business generated by the sales channels will be automatically submitted in the Headquarters and/or Branches to the acceptance processes, avoiding delays in the issuance.

The issuance subsystems are integrated with the product engineering and SIES® P&C BackOffice subsystems, generating high availability and reliability of information in the insurance company.


  • Reduction of administrative expenses in the sale of insurance products
  • Agility in issuance, integrated control of the sales process and availability of business-oriented interfaces, strengthening the relationship between the insurer, sales channels and customers;
  • Unified database for managing insurance contracts, fully integrated with other SIES® Core P&C subsystems
  • The integration of product engineering with the emission and production subsystems makes it possible to immediately make available, after approval, the new technical and commercial characteristics of the products
  • Allows proactive tracking of proposals during the acceptance process
  • Reduces time to launch new products for sales channels
  • Allows control of documents required for acceptance/issuance
  • Control of authority in risk underwriting
  • Prior inspection control when required
  • Supports digital and flashing insurance

Claims Subsystem

Control, regulation and management of integrated claims with information about the policy, item and data of the Insured from the emissions database. Financial. It integrates all claims transactions with the corresponding recoveries from the assignment of coinsurance and reinsurance. Claims subsystems calculate claims reserve information and send it to the Accounting subsystem.


  • Eliminates the possibility of fraud, through information integrated with the issue and financial, controlling the processes by levels of authority
  • Integration with other SIES® Core P&C subsystems, allowing daily accounting, adjustments, reserve calculations and movements for reinsurance and coinsurance
  • Uses image storage in a database, enabling agility for analyzing documents and digital photos
  • Automatic control of claims adjustment parameters, defined in the product and in the issuance
  • Allows the implementation of claims workflow, integrating the claims regulation chain, such as: call centers, providers, workshops, regulators and Legal
  • Greater agility in the claims adjustment and settlement process

Reinsurance Subsystem

Subsystem used for the management of automatic and optional contracts, defines the reinsurance of all lines, including exchange of information with the reinsurer, contracts, accumulation of risks, with plans of: ER – excess of liability, Quota-part, ED – excess loss, ED – excess catastrophe damage and Stop Loss. It guarantees compliance with all the rules defined in the reinsurance contracts, automatically and integrated with the other SIES® Core p&C subsystems, such as: Issue, Financial, Claim and Accounting.


  • Administration of proportional and non-proportional reinsurance contracts with local, admitted and eventual reinsurers
  • Automatic management of reinsurance rules in lines, products and coverage with risk accumulation control
  • Integration of reinsurance rules with other SIES® Core P&C subsystems
  • Assurance of compliance with reinsurance standards in all insurance contracts
  • Assurance of compliance with reinsurance standards in all insurance claims

Financial Subsystem

The insurer's financial area uses functionalities to control the collection of premiums and various accounts receivable, commission payments, claims expenses, indemnities and treasury, in addition to controlling taxation and interfacing with accredited banks. The Accounting Subsystem receives all events from the insurance company, where it organizes the information into accounts, with the respective cost centers and accounting operations, generating accounting entries and accounting files.


  • Financial administration of collections, commissions and treasury centralized in a single subsystem fully integrated with the other subsystems of SIES®
  • Automatic accounting of all operations carried out in SIES®, linked to the insurance company's chart of accounts
  • Accounting granularity that allows tracking any posting and associating it with the corresponding triggering event
  • Control of levels of authority to release financial operations for payments and follow-up
  • Complies with SUSEP's official chart of accounts, generating information from circulars and regulations
  • Integration with banks and credit card administrators, allowing automatic debit and credit operations
  • Agility in financial administration and generation of management reports

Accounting Subsystem

Subsystem to perform the insurer's accounting of all insurance and financial operations, generating accounting entries and interface files for specialist accounting systems. Accounting operations are linked to regulatory agency's standard chart of accounts, but can be customized to meet the insurer's specific operations. This Subsystem generates official information from an insurance company, such as Official Records, PPNG, Claims Reserve, SUSEP Circulars and Statistical tables.


  • Insurer chart of accounts setup
  • Configuration of operations and accounting scripts
  • Generation of information required by regulatory agency
  • Daily accounting of triggering events
  • Sandbox Integration
  • SRO Integration

Key Benefits

Much more than automating business processes, SIES® Core P&C provides a powerful source of information, which fully meets the needs of entrepreneurs and managers for the new challenges and high competitiveness of the globalized market. The main business benefits of SIES® Core P&C are:

It serves the reinsurance processes with management of Proportional and non-proportional contracts regarding reinsurance.

It meets the legal and fiscal requirements defined by regulatory agency and required for the insurance market.

Service-based application ensuring consistency and integration between heterogeneous environments, in addition to allowing the use of a service bus.

Functionalities for the technical area to develop and make available insurance products quickly and efficiently for any sales channel, keeping the information and rules of the products controlled by validity.

Generation of information for security control and access to the system, avoiding possible fraud or improper operations in the system.

Integration of the information database without redundancies, improving communication in the company, eliminating costs with parallel controls.

It integrates the insurance company, Brokers and/or sales channels through the facility offered to provide computer services and decentralize business processes.

Integration with Worldwide Expression Systems, SIES® Core P&C has integration with worldwide expression systems such as: SAP, SUN SYSTEM and AUDATEX, serving multi-national and national insurance companies.

Complete information model, each subsystem meets the functionalities of a certain operational area of ​​the Insurer.

Standardization of use based on the operational vision of the business, facilitating the learning process, reducing time and cost for its implementation.

Partnership with Microsoft offering guaranteed technical support and use of best development practices on the Windows Server platform, SQL-Server and the .NET Framework.

Processing capacity for large volumes, using resources for Multi-threads and parallelism in the processor architecture.

Product Engineering SIES® Core P&C is an expert system with more than 1,500 rules available to configure technical, commercial and business aspects of an insurance company, capable of representing real-world business functions, capturing information from the product engineer and applying this knowledge to the system's functionalities. , in addition to maintaining business rules through the concept of “time tunnel” (validity over time of each piece of information).

Flexibility for the insurer to contract the SIES® Core P&C in the SaaS-Based or On-Premise modality.

Tool for configuring operational processes, controlling the flow of activities by users of the insurance company.

Agile and DevOps Implementation


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