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New Access Digital CLM Solution covers the full workflow and value chain for both the Banker and the FInal Client. It encompasses two interconnected products:

  • Banker's Front: for the banker's activity
  • Client Portal


The BANKER’S FRONT solution integrates, in a 360° view, all information linked to the client, to automate operational processes for an increased efficiency. It is the one and only portal supporting Relationship Managers in their daily interactions and activities with their clients by automating key banking processes, enabling a more efficient and an enjoyable banker/client interaction.

It also manages the complete lifecycle of the client services (CLM), from prospection, to Onboarding, modification, review, and ongoing activities (CRM). The management of the client relationship is done through a simple and efficient user interface, taking into account the specificities of banking.

It encompasses a strong compliance engine and Portfolio Mangement System to allow the Relationship Manager to have the full order management and portfolio monitoring workflow whithin a single portal.


The Client Portal Platform provides a web and mobile e-Banking for consultation and analysis of portfolio data. It allows a flexible and simplified user experience with a large set of functionalities. This client portal is completely interconnected with the Banker's Front solution: client and relationship manager have the same level of information and can exchange trough a secure channel.

The client benefits from a complete view of his accounts, assets, movements/orders, performance indocators and analysis and his documents (legal, bank or investment proposals).

Key Features

The Digital CLM is a complete solution to covers the full value chain between the Relationship Manager and the Client. Here are the key features:


  • BANKER'S FRONT ONBOARDING: The Onboarding module enables the Relationship Manager to initiate a new banking relationship smoothly and efficiently while meeting the requirements and constraints set by regulation and the bank’s internal policy. The module covers many aspects subject to regulation, in particular AML risk, tax (FATCA/CRS classification), cross-border, and suitability aspects. The Onboarding module has a native integration with the BANKER’S FRONT CRM (in) and with the Client Database (out). The Onboarding module can however be implemented in a standalone way and interfaced with an existing Client Database.
  • BANKER’S FRONT RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT (CRM): In a highly competitive market, knowing in real-time all aspects of your clients and interact with them efficiently is considered as a key advantage. The CRM module is built around a full client-centric view, where all aspects of the clients’ relationships are consistently brought together.
  • BANKER’S FRONT PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT: BANKER’S FRONT enables Relationship Managers, in one single view, to have access to their clients’ positions and analytics enabling them to take part into the investment decision process. The platform covers portfolio analysis, performance analysis, client reporting and allows single orders generation while applying all the necessary controls.


  • E-BANKING PORTFOLIO AND ASSET VIEWING: Provides an overview of the general information of the portfolio (asset allocation, breakdown by currency, market value of the portfolio, ...) in a fully configurable layout.

  • E-BANKING PORTFOLIO AND ORDER MANAGEMENT: All users (private clients, institutional clients, external asset managers or account managers) can have an customizable overview of the performance of their portfolios with a complete set of indicators. E-Banking is transactional which allows the user to view all payments and movements (Cash/Securities) but also to perform all kind of orders (FX, Securities, Cash, Optionsm Futures...)
  • E-BANKING DOCUMENT AND MESSAGING: In every page, the client has the opportunity to download the data in PDF format or extract the data in EXCEL or CVS format. In addition to this function, users have access to a Document Page where they can find all their documents (Client Report, Transaction Advices, Administrative...). To complete this feature, the e-BANKING has a secure messaging functionality that allows the client to “chat” with his private banker and allows to attach documents and videos.

Key Benefits

BANKERS FRONT: It is a day-to-day fully configurable tool assisting Relationship Managers throughout the full client services lifecycle in one single place.

  • A 360° VIEW: The solution offers a 360° view of the client information including: portfolios and assets, personal documents and data allowing a holistic approach to client management
  • DIGITIZATION OF PROCESSES: The solution enables the digitization of the client lifecycle services: it integrates a client visit app (tablet), to support a digital banker-to-client interaction in a fully secured and cross-border compliant way
  • OPEN INFRASTRUCTURE: The BANKER’S FRONT connects with New Access mobile e-BANKING, for a multi-channel communication with the client, including secure instant messaging & content sharing
  • CLIENT CENTRICITY: A consistent person-centric view is provided throughout the prospection, the onboarding and the client management phases
  • OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY: Efficiency is increased through automation and integration reducing costs and risk: regulatory rules are embedded in the tool, all modules “talk” to each other, and the same data is only input once
  • COMPLIANCE: The solution factors in many aspects of the regulation, regarding the required contracts and documentation, the AML risk, tax constraints, cross-border limitations and suitability requirement

E-BANKING: Interact with your Clients through an integrated Web Banking Platform for consulting and managing portfolio

  • MOBILITY:The e-BANKING solution is available in responsive design for any internet browser and devices (including smartphones and tablets)
  • CUSTOMIZATION:The platform is fully customizable to the bank’s requirements and branding
  • MULTI-CHANNEL COMMUNICATION: The e-BANKING enables a multi-channel communication with the client, including secured instant messaging & content sharing (documents)
  • DATA SHARE: A unique set of data available at any level of consultation for both clients and bankers. Data are available in real time



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