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Universal Banking: Single App for Retail & Business Banking; user-centric banking

Universal Banking refers to a project where a client's Business and Retail Banking solutions are concentrated in a single application (web or mobile), adapting its content to the user's profile and the products/services contracted by the latter. The name is given by the Banorte project and does not correspond to a new Business Solution.

Our Retail and Business Banking offer has three shared pillars, namely:

User Experience: beyond interface design, users today not only expect digital channels to be visually attractive, but also to be full of the necessary functionalities to achieve their goals.

Security: it is a key factor for the financial sector, even more so when operating through digital channels.It not only depends on protecting the channels from cyber attacks, but also achieving it without generating friction in their use.

High availability: it is useless to offer users superior safe and friendly experiences if they are not available when they are required.

1. Retail Banking

It allows end users to be offered an experience that goes beyond their digital expectations, revolutionizing the way they interact with the bank through web and mobile channels that adapt to their needs and context.

Our solution seeks clear objectives, aligned with the needs of our clients.

- Digitize the offer of products and services.

- Increase channel adoption.

- Promote and enhance the retention of bank customers

- Reduce the costs of acquiring new bank customers

We achieve this by offering our clients the tools to offer channel users experiences according to their needs, taking advantage of the virtues of each channel with different sets of built-in functionalities, taking advantage of the benefits of our Enterprise Low-Code Platform, which allow us to develop complete and adaptable channels, in a simplified way.

Veritran Retail Banking main functionalities grouped according to their objectives:

A. Onboarding and digital customer identification: promoting secure and frictionless identification for users, allowing our customers a quick conversion and facilitating KYC processes

B. Secure money management: transfers, payments, top-ups, credits, payment of services and taxes, loans and investments, operated securely using frictionless authentication mechanisms for users

C. Financial health: balance consultation, PFM, dashboards and analytics

D. Engagement: tools that promote a better relationship and communication between our clients and end users, building loyalty through the channels. Personalization, backoffice, push notifications, content management, gamification, loyalty, etc.

E. Business: our solutions allow you to exploit the commercial potential of digital channels, supporting business growth: segmentation, profiling, business rules, etc.

2. Business Banking

Easily scalable, modularized solution that provides business banking customers with optimized digital experiences designed for all types of devices, promoting security and efficiency in business management.

Our solution allows financial entities to offer the tools that users of the business segment require, in line with the channel and the context.

Solution Modules:

- Log-in site: channel entry screen

- User data: allows each user to manage their personal data, access credentials, security factors, etc.

- Onboarding with registration: registration module of the company and its different users (with the access profiles that correspond to each one)

- Authentication: allows configuration of factors and rules related to authentication, configurable according to the channel, the users, the type of operation, etc.

- Authorizations: allows you to view and authorize operations or requests pending signature, subject to the role and profile of the user.

- Administration: module where users of the company with the “administrator” role access to make configurations of different types at the Accounts, Company and Users level.

- Products and services: it is the module with which users interact with the "operator" profile, it is made up of submodules that define the different categories of products and services, some of which are: Dashboard (view of the consolidated position), contact book, accounts, checks, Transfers, Payments, collections, cards, financing, Investments, Insurance, Foreign trade.

- Requests: Resolves requests initiated by customers and/or the bank. These requests can arise in multiple scenarios, such as, for example, contracting a new product, registering the client in the company's Onboarding, starting a procedure (such as the extension of transactional limits) or quote requests.

- Conversations: allows our clients to send notification campaigns to all users in the segment, configure certain transactions to trigger automatic push notifications to the users involved and, in turn, users to trigger notifications at will to other users in certain transactional flows.

Backoffice channel: it is the channel through which the bank can have control of what happens on the business platform. It allows managing companies and users, parameterizing products and services, starting and following up on requests, inhibiting transactional modules, among other actions.

Channels: web and mobile

Business Banking: Web Channel

It seeks to assist users of the segment in all procedures with the bank. It provides a complete view of all the products and services, allows to operate with all the modules, subject to the roles granted and the profiling carried out by the company.

It has a responsive user interface design and is compatible with multiple devices (desktop, laptops, tablets) and browsers (Chrome, Edge, Opera, etc.) It is the channel par excellence for:

- View large amount of content

- Manage multiple operations by loading lists manually and/or by file

- Simplify uploading lengthy forms and documentation

Business Banking: Mobile Channel

It seeks to accompany the users of the segment with the management of simple financial operations of the company. Compatible with Android, iOS and Harmony.

Main functionalities:

- Basic inquiries about banking products

- Quick actions such as authorizing pending operations, uploading individual operations and requesting simple products

- Share simple information like account details, summaries, and receipts

- Contact directly with the Bank's Call Center/IVR or with social networks

- Exploit features of the channel, such as: camara, faceID, push notifications, share through email, social media, etc.