Digital Q.Omnichannel

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Digital Q.Omnichannel is a digital customer engagement platform for agile financial companies. The platform allows businesses to create and manage modern service channels in the real time and flexibly enrich them with ready-to-use business components, each delivering an evident business value.

The solutuion includes:


1) ONLINE BANKING - Create an exceptional customer experience that is consistent in all channels and devices, enable channel hopping and convenient monitoring of all customer interactions

2) MOBILE BANKING - Provide your customers with freedom and mobility in their financial decisions and transactions. Enable digital onboarding and product origination from any mobile device to let your customer access your banking and investment services from any place and at any time

3) SMART BRANCH - Bring your branch to remote locations and provide personalized services to your remote customers. Speed up your services and boost your CX with RPA, AI, biometric identification, digital customer profile and OCR technologies

4) PARTNER ECOSYSTEMS - Create your own marketplace of financial services, publish your products in partner marketplaces and bring your branch services directly to your customer through the network of mobile agents


1) DIGITAL LOAN ORIGINATION - Implement the end-to-end fully digital loan origination process for retail and corporate customers. Streamline every step of the loan origination cycle and ensure risk-free loan disbursement

2) CUSTOMER SERVICES and SALE OF BANK PRODUCTS -Streamline your in-branch sales with modern tools for management of customer data, KYC, 360-degree customer view, customer onboarding, smart selection of bank products, product origination for current / deposit accounts, cards, and other popular front-office processes

3) TELLER and DAILY BANKING - Improve the speed and quality of everyday customer services with the user-friendly adaptive UI, single-screen services, digital customer profile, automatic customer screening and modern data capture and biometric identification tools. Let your customers access these services via any channel and touchpoint


1) DIGITAL CUSTOMER PROFILE - Accumulate, aggregate and store all available customer data collected from both internal bank systems and external sources. Provide secure role-based access to the required data to authorized users. Easily configure and update product groups and parameters; compose product packages, with flexible pricing and personalized approach to each customer

2) PRODUCT CATALOG - Ensure centralized management of all financial products and services, starting from their design to the launch, roll out, enhancement, performance analysis, and archiving

3) DECISION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - Leverage modern decision management tools to provide a reliable support for your decision-making activities. Create your own business rules and decisioning processes based on the DMN standard. Enable fully automated information-based decisions using analysis of historical behavioral data, prior decisions, and their outcomes

MONITORING OF BUSINESS PROCESSES- Take better managerial decisions and implement timely changes to business processes based on interactive real-time analysis of business data. Implement personalized targets, priorities, KPIs and other metrics for every process, user and business unit, and track these metrics in real time. Integrate analytical tools as widgets into any user system: user workstation, corporate portals, digital channels, CRMs

DIGITAL PLATFORM AND TECHNOLOGIES for development of front-office and channel applications.

Digital Q.Omnichannel is an innovative platform for development of modern digital environments and digital transformation of financial institutions. It is a process-centric system providing effective support for customer-facing functions: front-end customer services, loan origination, customer self-service. Significantly, Digital Q.Omnichannel uses a single layer of front-end services and business processes compatible with all types of service channels. This means that all channels use shared components of the business logic ensuing truly omnichannel customer support.


Composing Digital Channels – Create digital channels by flexibly compounding independent business functions and services. Quickly launch new channels and ensure omnichannel multi-experience customer reach in the digital environment. Enable remote banking, digital onboarding, digital product origination, and access to services via marketplaces of financial products, etc.

Launching Digital Products– Use a pre-integrated product factory and unique capabilities of the composable architecture to quickly design, set up and modify new digital products, services and product packages.

Transforming Branch Banking – Open smart branches and boost onsite customer experience with ready-to-use business processes and services that have been specially designed for banks. Boost your CX with digital customer profile, biometrical identification, 360-degree customer view, single-screen customer services, product calculators and other advisory tools, streamlined customer service processes. Integrate AI-based customer recognition and loyalty monitoring tools into your branch infrastructure.

BOOSTING CUSTOMER REACH AND Enabling Omnichannel MX Reach – Define which products or services will be available in a specific channel or for a specific customer group. Depending on your specific goals, each service can be deployed in a separate digital channel or become available in all channels at once.

Supporting Ecosystems and APIs – Expand your product offerings with services delivered by your bank ecosystem or partner network. Integrate partner services into your business processes and create unique product offerings and packages. Allow different market players – fintech companies, partners, etc. – to access your ecosystem through open APIs.

Customizing Channels and Services – Customize your channels to support your specific business and brand requirements with simple user-friendly low-code customization tools, smart prompts and training tools. Create custom business processes that leverage your unique product offerings and competitive advantages.

Digital banking applications developed on the basis of Digital Q are written in Java and use enterprise-grade standards and specifications. The open architecture of such software products allows smoothly integrating them into any IT landscape.

The important advantage of the system is the capability to easily customize implemented business processes: all changes are implemented through the launch of new services, which ensures quick support of new regulatory requirements and expansion of functional capabilities.

Digital Q.Omnichannel helps to launch digital channels and enables large-scale digitalization of a company’s business processes. Ready-to-use development tools guarantee creation of enterprise-grade applications based on cutting-edge microservice patterns. The platform supports a full application development lifecycle starting from the design of a new app to its deployment in the production environment with a single click. Autoscaling and a cloud-native architecture allow using the platform for the most ambitious and large-scale projects without any restrictions.

This function is supported with the folowing features:

-Composition Instead of Hard Code - Compose your channels and apps fast and easily reach the highest levels of flexibility and efficiency

-Low-Code/No-Code - Rapidly create and deploy new digital services without coding, by leveraging Low Code / No Code development approach

Architectural Principles:

·Omnichannel Enablement - Business applications that comprise the Platform can be used in any digital channels without any limitations (mobile app, online, customer portal, etc.). Omnichannel support is the key architectural principle used at the stage of design of all business components without exclusions

·Composable Architecture – All business capabilities of the platform are broken into separate business components (PBCs) that are used as building blocks to create and set up digital channels

·Business Processes – End-to-end processes ensure an integral approach to design of the business logic as a sequence of separate channels that may involve several business units, i.e. as it is required by the end business users

·Democratization – Proving modern low-code development tools, the platform allows creating and setting up digital channels and enriching them with required business capabilities in the real time and without coding

·Time-to-Value – Decomposition of functions does not require releasing updates of the entire platform or a channel. All changes are implemented and delivered in separate business applications. Automatic deployment reduces the deployment time and human errors

·Evolutionary Architecture – The platform simplifies and makes available rich capabilities of the microservice architecture. It saves users from complexities of the system development and the need to regularly upgrade the architecture and technologies to get in pace with the best innovations of the IT industry

·Enterprise-Grade Architecture – The platform ensures elastic scalability of applications based on the actual needs of the growing business. In case of low workloads, it guarantees economical consumption of allocated resources and cost efficiency. If a business deals with millions of users and transactions, the system ensures automatic scaling for guaranteed support of greater workload

Advanced Technologies:

Low-сode/No сode - Modern low-code tools for automatic generation of custom web and mobile apps based on your own designs. Tools for design and configuration of business processes and business objects with a minimum amount of coding

Microservices - Full support of the microservice architecture in separate functional blocks of business applications.Microservice development patterns (Event Driven Architecture, API Gateway, Service Discovery). Pre-integrated monitoring, logging, and trace facilities

Business Process Management - Single catalog of ready-to-use business processes with centralized process management and configuration tools. Distributed execution of processes in separate microservices with support of independent update and scaling

Micro Frontends - Independent user interfaces of business applications comprising the platform; web components used to design seamless composable application experiences of a single solution

Containerization - Tools for automatic delivery and deployment of business applications based on reliable containerization technologies

Monitoring - Pre-integrated business analytics tools with the ability to set up custom dashboards and separate KPIs based on business process metrics, customer behavior, statistics on submitted application, user activities, etc.

Design System - Set of UI components and proven web and mobile technologies for design of impressive ergonomic interfaces of digital channels based on strict UX rules and templates. Ability to adjust interfaces for different devices

Mobile Platform Guidelines - Compliance with guidelines of modern mobile platforms to ensure integral and consistent user experience in different applications

Key Features

1) Truly omnichannel enablement: Our platform is a truly omnichannel solution which ensures an omni-brand customer experience. It supports all available channels and allows connecting emerging channels:

•All channels are interconnected and not isolated

•A customer can switch from channel to channel , and the business context and the history of their communication will be saved

•A customer experience is identical in all channels

•We can connect to the existing BDS solutions, provide APIs for external ecosystems

•Our main approach is to provide a tool for building a greater UX

With the digital architecture, financial organizations obtain the following important advantages:

2) Process-driven approach to automation: Digital Q uses a single layer of front-end services and business processes compatible with all types of service channels. The important advantage of the system is the capability to easily customize implemented business processes: Each process is independent and can be modified independently from other processes. We easily create, customize and deliver it for the end user. This also means that all channels use shared processes with the business logic, ensuing truly omnichannel customer support via existing digital channels. Business process Layer - Universal and accessible from all channels

3) Ability to customize and further develop the implemented solutions, with a broad array of tools (including codeless tools) for flexible customization and quick time-to-market

4) Use of a Modern stack of technologies, continuous monitoring of technological trends and implementing the best proven modern practices:

- Micro Service Architecture, with applications structured as a collection of small fine-grained services, which improves modularity, flexibility and integration capabilities

- API Gateway, with standard easy-to-use business APIs based on RESTful principles and used for both internal and external integration

- UI/UX, single-page applications (SPA), more than 70 ready-to-use UI components, UI/UX practices and guidelines

- Open Banking, with the ability to expand the bank’s ecosystem with third-party fintech services based on the OpenArchitecture approach

- Pre-integrated security mechanisms, cybersecurity, 9 in-build authentication methods

- Open-Source Solutions

focus on the best open-source IT solutions, use of the best industry patterns (Netflix, Google, Amazon, etc.)

5) 360-degree customer view and Single-Screen technology — a convenient communication and integration instrument that allows the bank’s staff to use a single window for the unified access to all customer information used by multiple Digital Q applications. This ensures enhanced customer servicing, reduces service time by up to 30-40% and provides better cross-selling opportunities and advisory tools.

6) Scalability, high performance, 24/7 availability through enterprise-grade orchestration mechanisms, upgrade without interruption of operations

7) Broad functionality with ready-to-use business processes and services, based on real bank processes and proven business practices

Key Benefits

Digital Transformation of Banking

Actively supporting the advent of the digital era in the financial services industry, Diasoft makes a special focus on development of its digital banking architecture.

The company’s approach to creation of digital environments is based on the concept of the two-speed architecture. It comprises a fast, high-performance, customer-centric digital front end, running on innovative Digital Q platform, and a traditional, stable transaction-focused back end.

The modular customer-facing part supported by Digital Q enables quick deployment of new channels, services and products by avoiding time-consuming integration work. The solution was initially designed to ensure fast implementation of existing and emerging remote service channels, automation of customer servicing via bank branches and easy modification of business processes. At the same time, transactional core systems ensure stability of core functions, high-quality data management, reliable operational and financial accounting. Due to this approach, the bank can achieve high flexibility and performance for its successful business development, significantly improve customer services and ensure transformation of its IT landscape at a low cost and within the shortest possible time through easily configurable and scalable digital processes.

Transforming existing banking environments, Digital Q ensures unified access to customer data and bank services from different channels and enables truly omnichannel customer engagement. The system supports real-time operation and round-the-clock availability of bank services, customers' ability to manage bank services on their own via different channels, easy integration of delivery channels with external systems through open APIs and full channel blending, which allows a customer to initiate a transaction through one channel, such as a bank office, and confirm it via another, such as mobile banking or any other available channel.

With Digital Q, financial organizations obtain the following important advantages:

·Enhanced customer journey – Convenient customer communication with the bank via all available channels. Unified real-time access to centralized customer data and bank services via different channels, which ensures improved customer experience and helps to avoid inconsistency in services, for example, when providing the same service via Internet banking or via a contact center.

·Omnichannel service processes – Shared customized processes for customer servicing via branches and remote service channels.

·Real-time operation and round-the-clock availability of services – The bank expands its market presence with the services that are available 24/7, with all the changes recorded and processed immediately.

·Best UX practices and identical channel interfaces – Seamless customer environment with identical and user-friendly channel interfaces (internet banking, mobile banking); usage of the best UX design practices to provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users.

·Creation of the digital environment – Evolutionary rebuilding of the bank's processes and structure, retaining unique features of the bank.

·Access to innovations – Step-by-step development through implementation of cutting-edge technological solutions in compliance with the bank's strategy.

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