Customer Communications Management as a Service (CCMaaS)

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At Eclipse, we define Customer Communications Management as a Service (CCMaaS) as the cloud-based creation, management, and fulfilment of personalized, omni-channel communications at scale. In this context, omni-channel refers to communications that are channel and/or device-agnostic, meaning that they can be sent across physical and digital channels with minimal friction and ideally reach a consumer with a relevant message at any point along the customer journey.

Eclipse provides the convenience of a single CCMaaS environment which we render data into readable items that are subsequently distributed to different output channels via automated scenarios. Using this as a starting point, we securly store information and report it smartly and transparently. With this integration, content creation, smart distribution and confirmations plays an important role. In addition to functionality requirements, the solution facilitates audits, protection of personal data and A/B tests. A complete solution for client communication in the cloud, where you only pay for what you use.

Eclipse offers its software as a service in the cloud in Microsoft Azure. We do this in the most efficient and effective way in our multi-tenant platform (single tenant also possible) multi-tenancy is the technology to share one platform among different users. Controlling and managing just one platform enables us to offer a multi-tenant SaaS solution in the most efficient and effective way. There are a number of advantages of multi-tenancy. These benefits are especially visible when we look at the costs, performance and reliability of our services.

  • Infra: The same environment is used so that you can work more efficiently with fewer systems. This saves hardware and energy consumption.
  • Scalability: When the capacity needs to be increased, new instances will be added automatically after which the workload is divided over the various instances, when the demand is reduced the extra capacity is automatically scaled down. Upgrades: regardless of the number of users of our platform, we only must perform upgrades once because they all use the same multi-tenant environment.
  • Security, governance & Identity: centrally arranged and can be arranged separately per tenant, making it efficient and yet configurable.

The services of Eclipse are

Output management

  • Print, e-delivery, email, SMS, web & Mobile
  • On-demand & batch communication
  • Dynamic and interactive communications


  • Digital forms and processes
  • Data pre-population
  • Integration

CCM platform consolidation

  • Legacy system integration
  • Template migration & consolidation
  • Data ecosystem integration

Compliance Management and auditing

  • Comprehensive tracking
  • Synchronized omni-channel preview

Mobile & web approval

  • Business user empowerment
  • Business user content authoring
  • Interactive quote creation
  • Web-based collaboration

Bottomline, CCMaaS supports organizations to transform from ‘Basic’ CCM 1.0 maturity level to the ‘Ultimate’ CXM maturity level and gain consumer confidence and loyalty in doing so.

Key Features

To better understand the CCM industry, it is helpful to look at the key components that are included in the Eclipse CCMaaS solution and see what we offer on each one.

Content & Template Management

  • Letter writing
  • Remote & controlled editing
  • Content approval

Production Engine

  • Batch & on demand
  • Document composition
  • Job scheduling

Scenario Management

  • Channel preference
  • Customer journey
  • A/B testing


  • Omni-channel
  • Customer integration
  • Personalized messaging


  • Widget based
  • Real-time information
  • Scenario timeline

The Eclipse CCMaaS is based on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). We make our software highly scalable in so-called docker containers. The combination of Docker containers and Kubernetes strengthen each other. Docker provides an open standard for packaging and distributing applications in containers, while Kubernetes provides the layout and management of distributed applications in containers created with Docker. In other words; Kubernetes provides the infrastructure needed to deploy and run applications built with Docker. This technical setup facilitates deployments and will improve application uptime. It also ensures that at peak load, the workload is distributed over multiple instances. We automate deployment provisioning in Azure DevOps through continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD). This makes it easier for us to maintain our code base in a single repository and helps us to deploy updates controlled, faster and more secure through predefined pipelines.

Key Benefits

CCMaaS provides several benefits for clients. to summarize, CCMaaS provides better profit margins, better customer loyalty, improvered internal processes, postive impact on revenue and improved customer lifetime value. Below you'll find the benefits of CCMaaS in more detail.

  • Complete Customer experience: Minimal fractions in customer journey with personalization, interactive engagement, consistent communication and high convenience
  • Increased Employee satisfatcion: The ease of use, the intuitiveness and the high performance of the platform creates happy and more productive employees
  • Centralized communication platform: Seamless cross-channel integration with easy-to-use interface, insights from real-time data and access anytime and anywhere with 24/7 support
  • Cost efficient due to multi-user approach, low cost and Pay-as-you-go pricing: Combination of subscription fees and consumption-based billing
  • Low compliance and data protection risk: End-to-end platform with implemented security measures and controls
  • Incredible short time to market and value: Ready to go platform resulting in quick deployment and fast time to value

Next to the above mentioned benefits, we also strongly believe that enterprises and Service Providers have a competitve advantage because CCMaaS provides them

  • to offer white-labelled software that is fully managed. We keep the software up to date, ensures its availability including 24x7 support and charge based on consumption with our pay-per-use pricing model. It also allows the business to procure CCM independently from IT, so it will put a much lower strain on scarce IT resources
  • to easily scale up and down depending on actual throughput. Many organisations deal with peak volumes throughout the year and base their capacity and performance requirements on those moments of peak volumes
  • to have a great degree of control and deep insights because our solution not only sends messages, but it also provides detailed information on received feedback data
  • with a highly secure and cloud native platform that offer built-in encryption, audit logging and automatic backup & disaster recovery capabilities
  • to speedup digitization because it’s easy to integrate with legacy systems that are not ‘fit for future’ that way it will ‘fit for pupose’
  • to unify development teams and operations teams on one platform to build, deliver and scale applications quickly and confidently


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