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TimeScape EDM+ is a comprehensive data management platform that has been built to manage the most sohpisticated requirements - from pricing complex OTC-traded derivatives, running multi-factor investment models through to managing risk factor data globally for the biggest banks.

Key Features

Flexible Data Types - Supports any type of data and workflow scenario, including but not limited to: Market data, Static data, Reference data, Counterparty data, (including LEIs), Derivatives and their dependencies, Instrument on-boarding, Corporate actions and triggered events, Complex objects (curves, surfaces and cubes), User defined objects and data, Derived data. This flexibility enables the system to store the full data set required for an instrument. For OTC contracts this means a complete lifecycle recording of the instrument with all of its data within the system.

Any Asset Class - Stores and processes all asset types no matter how complex. Data from different asset classes can be moved from legacy silo systems into a single repository reducing inconsistencies, duplication and synchronization issues.

Complex Object Validation - Comes with many pre-built objects that have a high degree of business meaning such as curves, surfaces and cubes. Users can work on these as whole objects in their own right and also dive into complex underlying data structures as necessary.

Derived Data Management - Derived data can be generated internally using the extensive, built-in analytics provided by the system or integrating with third-party products such as Numerix, FINCAD, R and Python. This enables automatic enrichment of the market data sets in a controlled and centralized way.

Data Modelling and Integration - Extensible ETL tools specifically designed for financial data reduce implementation timeframes, ensuring faster time to market. Security Master Provides all the tools required to maintain a centralized, audited data warehouse for all data relating to financial instruments.

Gold Copy Management - Trigger gold copy creation as soon as data becomes available rather than being batched up into a single overnight process. Multiple gold copies can be managed within the system when different validation rules are required for different data sets.

Business Reporting - Comprehensive reports covering information such as unvalidated data, changes in validation rules and frequency of validation test failures as well as reports on system errors.

Data Audit and Process Audit - Full data audit, including changes to data values, database structure, user permissioning and groups. Audit of all business actions applied to data during the gold copy creation process. From the automatic normalizing and consolidation of data, through the process of deriving data e.g. calculation of zero-rates, to the manual intervention of exceptions generated by data failing a validation test.

Data Traceability - Extensive process audit makes it easy to track backwards to discover how a gold copy data value was created i.e. what raw sources were used and what rules were applied, including any manual adjustment of data.

Data Governance - Role definition and tracking, including 4-eyes controls; assign and manage workloads with groups and locations. Scalable and Real-Time Real-time platform; industry standard enterprise technology delivers a fast and highly scalable solution. Standard Data and System Connections Supported integration to major data vendors and compatibility with third-party systems such as Murex, FINCAD and Numerix included as standard. Dashboard / Performance Monitor Dashboard to view running workflows; use key performance indicators to monitor progress and manage workloads. Enterprise Development Tools APIs, SDKs, and extensive integration with Microsoft Office mean the solution is fully documented and customizable as required.

Key Benefits

Agile - Trading and investment companies need to be agile. They need to respond to ever-changing market conditions, structural shifts, technology trends and regulatory demands. TimeScape EDM+ empowers the agile business. It flexes to address new requirements – whether that means new instruments, analytics, structured products, workflows or data sources. And it is simple to deploy, plugging into your existing architecture and evolving to meet your requirements.

User-Friendly - TimeScape EDM+ serves the whole enterprise. It doesn’t matter if you’re a board-level executive, finance or risk manager - you get straightforward access to consistent, validated, cleansed data via your choice of interface. Most importantly, TimeScape EDM+ is simple to use and can be configured by business users without any prior programming expertise.

Collaborative - As a centralised platform that everyone can access, TimeScape EDM+ provides your Enterprise with a single version of the truth. It breaks through siloed delivery of IT and data, and supports true enterprise-wide workflows. Even if different teams decide to price the same instrument using slightly different models or data inputs, knowing those differences and having clear insights into data lineage means they can quickly reconcile any discrepancy.

Comprehensive - TimeScape EDM+ covers all asset classes. It supports a complete range of vendor feeds. It integrates with different business intelligence tools, pricing and risk engines, programming languages and applications. It supports complex objects, data types and analytics. And it supports complex workflows - with adaptive validation rules and exception handling processes that can be prioritized based on factors most important to your business.

Efficient - TimeScape EDM+ drives more efficient processes by enhancing data quality, consistency and governance across any enterprise. The platform is incredibly versatile and can easily be configured to address a full range of business, regulatory and IT challenges - delivering rapid return on investment across multiple use cases.

Future-Proof - Xenomorph has architected TimeScape EDM+ to be future proof. First and foremost, the platform provides a flexible framework that can easily adapt to new requirements, whatever the future holds. Xenomorph maintains backwards compatibility for our APIs to ensure a smooth migration path for future upgrades. Our vision of future proofing means preparing you for change, while ensuring you are not forced into change when it is not necessary