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CRMNEXT is a financial services CRM solution designed specifically with the needs of banks and credit unions in mind. The platform integrates your core and other existing technology under a simple, easy-to-use interface that lets you see all customer and member information and complete tasks in one place. Long gone are the days stuck behind the computer having to cut-and-paste across systems to get work done. CRMNEXT automates the boring stuff so you can focus on real-life relationships instead.

More than one million financial institution employees use CRMNEXT on a daily basis to simplify work, drive growth and deliver awesome experiences to over a billion folks around the globe. Gartner recognizes CRMNEXT as a leading player in sales force automation, service management, and lead management. For more information, visit


Key Features


Business Process Designer (Create Complex, Integrated Workflows with Ease)

▪The Autoflow Designer™ is a visual design tool that makes it simple to create end-to-end workflows with automated business rules, integrated screen flows, and complex architecture. Enjoy superior process control, improved tracking options, and reduced change management risks.

▪Design Complex Flows - Drag-and-drop to create visual flows and guided journeys with various design elements, diagram the entire process structure, and configure execution sequences in simple steps.

▪Manage Workflows - Processes are easy to modify when requirements change. Edit, customize, activate or deactivate workflows at will.

▪Execute Multiple Actions - Automate multiple tasks at the same time based on a single triggering event.

- - -

Screenflow Designer (Create Simple, Integrated Guided Journeys)

▪The Screenflow Designer™ lets you transform complex processes into simple guided journeys, eliminating the need to hop between systems and screens to get the job done. Complete routine tasks such as opening an account or changing an address in fewer steps. Visual design tools make it easy to adjust existing processes, drastically reducing maintenance and modification.

▪Create customized journeys instantly - CRMNEXT's visual user interface lets you create custom journeys across different objects including leads, opportunities, cases and activities. Add as many screens as you want.

▪Improve process accountability - Streamline processes to ensure all steps have been followed correctly with validations. Improve tracking and get a visual representation of the complete business flow in a single view.

▪Quick and hassle-free integration. - Easily fetch data from external sources to automate and streamline workflows. The platform's built-in integration engine lets you create straight-through processes with first-time resolution capability.

- - -

Real-time Integration Engine (Integrate with Multiple Systems in Real-Time)

▪The Mashup Anywhere™ built-in integration toolsets up real-time connections with 3rd-party systems including the core to fetch, validate and update external data from a single screen.

▪Fetch data in real-time - Extract data from multiple sources such as external databases, back-office systems and social media in real-time using a variety of integration techniques including web services, APIs, and messaging queues.

▪Multiple display formats - Present data from external sources in a variety of formats on a single screen to reduce hopping between systems. View data your way in lists, forms, graphs, grids, or external widgets like Google Maps.

▪Easy to maintain - Intuitive drag-and-drop interface integrates, displays, and modifies data mashups from any screen including leads, cases, customers, campaigns. Dashboards and mobile - reducing tie and cost to manage third-party data displays by more than 70%

- - -

Business Rules Engine (Easily Configure Complex Rules to Automate Decisions)

▪The David Decision Engine™ lets you configure complex business logic to automate decisions such as rules for loan underwriting.

▪The drag-and-drop designer makes it simple to set complex calculations.

▪Automate workflows such as credit approval, risk underwriting, validations, and more for faster service delivery.

▪Modify existing rules and workflows with faster turn-around time.

- - -

Batch Integration Engine (Visual Designer for System Integrations)

▪The Autonoma Designer™ lets you integrate your core and other systems with drag-and-drop ease. Set up the integration once and schedule it to automatically run on a predetermined basis.

▪Configure seamless integration - Quickly build integrations using pre-configured patterns. Simply drag-and-drop integration elements and view integrations graphically.

▪Real-time alerts and warnings - Automatically receive emails with detailed logs of all integrations and reasons for failure, should an exception occur.

▪Automate integration management -

▪Set integrations to execute manually or at specific intervals.

- - -

Sales Planning and Forecasting (Meet Sales Targets with Real-time Tracking)

▪The Catalyst Performance Modeler™ is an effective sales planning and forecasting tool. Its intelligent algorithms take past performance and current run rates into account to create actionable strategies that meet targets.

▪Target planning - Set targets based on territory, team, individual, and products. View progress against targets at multiple levels.

▪Help achieve targets - CRMNEXT auto-adjusts the required number of leads, campaigns, interactions, and conversions daily.

▪Convenient tracking - Track sales performance across the organizational hierarchy. Real-time visibility into performance enables timely course corrections.

- - -

Intelligent Cross-sell Modeling (Generate Smart Offers to Boost Conversions)

▪The Trinity Cross-sell Modeler™ transforms cross-selling with its algorithmic approach for delivering highly personalized offers that convert.

▪Whitespace Analysis - Create customer micro-segments based on multiple criteria. Define the products that all customers in a particular micro-segment should own and CRMNEXT will generate offers based on existing product holdings.

▪Machine Learning - CRMNEXT automatically identifies offers using data analytics based on customer behavior and patterns.

▪Integration - Fetch and display offers from multiple sources including the core, back-office applications, and other third-party systems.

▪Frequency Scoring - CRMNEXT runs frequency scoring against all recommended offers generated across sources, displaying the offer with the highest score.

Key Benefits


Enable Relationship Growth - Customer 360 brings all customer data from across systems together in one place. And you can complete tasks right from the very same screen. With information at your fingertips, you can take care of business in a flash, maximizing your ability to leverage customer interaction time for relationship-building.

Increase Share-of-Wallet - Match customer needs with relevant, highly personalized product recommendations that convert. CRMNEXT’s algorithmic approach to cross-selling weighs multiple factors to identify the right next-best product to suggest. Pre-approved offers and fast-tracked automated processes make it easy for the customer to say yes.

Deliver Faster First-Contact Resolution - A centralized platform for all customer information - including product holdings, interactions, case histories, and more - provides a holistic treasure trove of reference materials to help service agents quickly and accurately resolve customer issues. A knowledge management portal that seamlessly integrates with your document management system guides agents to the right resources to get the job done.

Simplify Work - Drag-and-drop to create processes and workflows with straight-through processing to core systems. Leverage automation to reduce account opening time, deliver expedient product fulfillment, and eliminate manual tasks. Use guided next-best-action prompts and call scripts to boost efficiency and results.

Expand Your Customer Base - Automated lead management capabilities, sales planning, and forecasting tools, and a central hub for marketing orchestration help you attract and retain more customers. A single campaign interface with visual drag-and-drop tools lets you easily design assets, segment data, program workflows, and measure results - so you deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

Ultimately none of this is possible without having a two-way integration with the core system. This is where we excel